Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Just some idle thoughts..

It's that time of the year again.. preparing for the annual Genus concert.. (somehow the Jan concert doesnt feel like the "real thing" :PP )

Hmm.. this year, i will be 'dragged' into taking a much more active role in the concert. (thinking back, i have been very idle for the last few years hor.haha. shiok leh) Come to think of it, i am actually playing in 5 pieces in the concert!
(gosh.. and Dom even wants me to play the Bass solo part for the Handel Concerto.. to which i just laughed and quickly walked away.. comon lah.. Yong Kiat can do it! Yes! )

Had a pleasant 'surprise' yesterday, was on my way to SMU for the usual Monday evening sessions with Guitarissimo. Meiju called me to say there were 2 GENUS representatives there to promote the March 11 concert! haha... Siyang and Huiling.
My initial reaction was: okie.. Siyang and... who???

heh. Should have connected the name "huiling" to "wee lian" lah.. but just for that moment (and i was also thinking of ppl in the Comm), it eluded me. :)

Anyway, think the 2 poor chaps were rather 'stressed', and they managed to mumble some info regarding the concert... hmm.. unfortunately they couldnt perform as a duet for us (the SMU guys kept asking them to perform, so they were really stressed out ).

Okie.. back to Genus..

After so many years of concert, it doesnt really excite me that much. But there's always that sense of having to present something good for the audience... something worth their time and $$ to be there. I certainly hope we can do it with songs like Harumi, and Owls' arrangements...

Hmm.. March 11th.. Ee Ping's birthday... arrrggghhh..