Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Man.. what a feeling! I just finished watching the LAGQ DVD (Live)... and once again, i was left with the feeling of awe and respect.

these guys are really THE ONES. The kinda things they can do on the 6-string classical guitar (for John Dearman, its 7-strings lah..) is simply amazing! I can only relate this feeling to the first time i heard Asturias (Leyenda) played on solo guitar on a recording. Then, i was thinking - "sure or not?? this is on ONE guitar? surely there's someone strumming the chord at the back right? if not, that guy got more than 10 fingers!"

Today, having played the guitar for almost 20 years, and having played in an ensemble (or orchestra, in the case of Genus) for more than 10 of those, i can still hardly take in some of those 'tricks' these guitar heroes do in certain repertoire... the hand IS indeed faster than the eye, it seems.

I really feel inspired by the LAGQ and their commitment and dedication to pushing the limits of what the classical guitar can achieve, not just in terms of the TYPE of repertoire they can tackle with 4 plucked-string intruments, but also all the types of new SOUNDS that they strive to create in each new endeavor or project, as they call it...

As an amateur guitarist pursuing nothing more than a sense of self-satisfaction and achievement and enjoyment in playing guitar and making music with my buddies in Guitaresque, i am nevertheless determined to make sure that some day, we WILL have our own recording (be it on CD and even better on DVD), showing our joys and laughters in making that musical journey together, and to keep the memories on record for posterity..

Onwards , Guitaresque ~~