Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Back to the present!

Sigh... havent really had time to come into my blog-sphere to do anything, since moving to the new office at ORQ. 2 reasons:

1) conversion/migration projects are coming in hard and fast... i find myself fighting to keep up. I'm happy to say that I have so far been able to maintain my proud record of not having to OT more than once in a couple of months. :)

2) the new office layout is pretty open - ie. everyone can basically look across and see what the others are doing on their tables/laptop screens... kinda make it a difficult to do any personal stuff.

But hey, i'm not managing it during lunch time, so nobody should have any complaints :P

Things are going well at the moment, work is demanding at times, but overall still manageable. Health is kinda fxxxed-up, but after that period of feverish bouts of flu and cold a month ago, things are getting better.

Just celebrated kuja's bday last weekend. We went to the Zoo! Hmm.. it must have been close to 10 years since i've visited that place - we both thought the entry fee would be around $7-8 ! Guess what? It costs us $20/pax ! And frankly, I was a little surprised that the zoo was still packed with visitors. Perhaps becos it was a Sunday...

The animals are great. We wanted to catch Inuka before he gets sent off to another zoo somewhere else in the world. He looked pretty bored in that little (relative to his size, of course) pool they gave him, and for some strange reason, he kept repeating his swim strokes - over and over again. The same steps, the same spots, even the same paw to kick off at the same rock! haha... like i said, poor Inuka must be feeling pretty bored. Maybe it IS a good thing they're gonna pack him off to another home. I do hope he will be happy there...

The other highlight was the baby rhino - a notice on the side said he (or she..*shrug* i dunno) was born on 17th Feb 2007 or something, which makes him less than a month old! The little thingie was pretty active though... kept running past his larger relatives and even played with the one deer which was kept together with the white rhinoceros enclosure, for some unknown reason(s)...

* i havent yet had the time (nor will) to upload the photos. will update with pics when i do *


What else is there to update... let's see.

Oh, Masak managed to get back into some form of practise rhythm, thanks to Wai's valiant efforts to unite the band of bo-chap members. Had a couple of short practices so far, in preparation for the performance on 19th April at UCC. I personally dont forsee any problems with the group performance. I just wish the practices could last a little longer each time (the ones we've had so far were like 30-40 min each time... kinda rushed i feel)

As for Guitaresque - the highly anticipated performance at SAM is due 31st march 2007! We'll be performing in a proper auditorium, venue sponsored by the management. More on that in my future posting. :)


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