Thursday, March 18, 2010


I think I am becoming a jealous person. Or more specifically, a jealous father.

As this week happens to be the school holiday week, we decided to let my parents (instead of EP's parents) take care of the beastie for the week. Ie. my parents would come over early in the morning (before we go off to work) to fetch him, and then in the evening they'd "return" him to us.

Last evening, we met up for dinner together at Bukit Batok, and during the meal, my mum proudly asked the boy, "你爱PAPA还是爱奶奶?"
To my great dismay, the beastie replied without hesitation, "爱奶奶!"

I felt a sense of betrayal at that declaration. What a turncoat! =P

This morning, EP also tried her Jedi mind-trick on the beastie (quite unfair, cos I think the beastie had just woken up, and was barely fully awake!). While I was busy preparing his milk, she triumphantly carried a half-asleep beastie over to me and asked, "你爱PAPA还是爱奶奶?"

Guess what he replied?


The traitor!!!


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