Saturday, February 06, 2010

The little moments

As parents, most of us'd always make it a point to celebrate those special days with our kids - be it their birthdays ( ang-moh and chinese birthdays, sometimes both!); children's day, or any other particular special occasion that we deem "worth" commemorating and celebrating.

Yet (and I read this on the James Dobson's column in Today), it's really some of those small moments which we tend to recall and look back on, after a long long time. And each time we think of those short (and seemingly passing) yet significant moments in our kid's life, it always brings a smile and a nostalgic shake of our heads.

Recently EP and I celebrated beastie's 2nd birthday. We each applied for leave from work, to spend the day with him. We'd wanted to bring him to Sentosa (as it happened to be the day that the Resort World Sentosa officially opens) and spend "quality" time as a family together.
Well, not that the actual day wasn't a good one, it just didn't turn out to be a specially memorable one in the end. In fact, we were largely disappointed with the RWS - as many shops were not yet opened, and there were pretty much little to see besides hotel lobbies and cafes...

Instead, I realised that little 'incidents' which occur on "normal" days - like on weekday evenings at my in-law's place, or after we've brought him back home; or over the weekends - tend to be the ones which create lasting memories.

For example, beastie recently got hooked on Barnie and Bob the Builder. He loves to read the books on Barnie (rather, he wants us to read to him), and each night he'd badger us to play the Barnie/Bob videos for him.
This creates a slight dilema for us, as sometimes we'd also want to watch certain programmes on the TV in the living room. Hence, I would lead him to the study (well, actually it's going to be his room eventually), and play the DVD for him to watch. This usually keeps him occupied for around 10-15 minutes.

Last night, we did the same thing. But what was interesting was that as we left him alone in the room to watch the Barnie video (by himself), after 5 minutes, we could hear him singing along to the song in the video! We took and peep and found him standing up trying to dance along with the characters on the screen too! It was really cute! We then quietly took out the video camera and starting filming it all down. =)

There are many more examples of little moments like this one which I will certainly remember for a long time, and will think back with great fondness.
I'm glad we've captured at least one of them on film!



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