Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lunch talk

Had an interesting lunchtime chat with some colleagues today - about movies and movie stars.

"Who do you guys think are the hottest babes in Hollywood these days?", asked one of my female colleague.

"Megan Fox = hot ! " was the quickest reply from a male colleague.

Stamp of approval.

"Jessica Alba is really hot too"


"Scarlett Johansson is chio!"

Drool... yes.

A number of other names were thrown up as well - Natalie Portman (we agreed she doesn't exactly fall into the hot babe/sex symbol category, but she is nevertheless a beauty); Anne Hathaway; Jessica Biel and Charlize Theron were amongst the others mentioned.

Interestingly, the guys (there were just the 2 of us - myself and CJ) agreed on most of names, whereas the girls seem to have a slightly differing view when it comes to gauging "beauty".

I think it is true that the 审美观of males and females can be quite different. Which is why when EP tells me a colleague or a friend is quite good-looking (as in, a lady), I will usually be rather skeptical about it, until/unless I see the person and decide for myself. Can't trust her judgement on these things, you know... hehe


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