Thursday, October 07, 2010

That sickly feeling

I hate it when I am down with a cold/flu. When I was young, I've never really thought of myself as "sickly", though to be honest I have never been the most healthy and fit person amongst my group of friends. I guess partly, this has got to do with my diet and lifestyle growing up - thanks to my parents who brings us out regularly to have dry fishball noodles/mee-pok, and lor-mee for breakfast...hahah! =P

It was only after I reached my 30s that I realised that I have sensitive nose and ENT (ear-nose-throat) issues. Apparently this results in my nose being sensitive to dust, change in temperature, whatever, etc.. It gets blocked easily, and the result is usually a back-flow of mucous/fluids into my throat which then gets infected. Then the usual symptoms will become full blown - blocked/runny nose, sore throat, headaches, body aches, etc.

The worst thing about going through all these is that most of the time, you just feel really lethargic and tired, your body feels like it's protesting against every movement and strain, but YET you are not sick enough to justify taking a sick leave. Well, technically I can see a doctor and get a day's rest if I feel like it, but most of the time I decide against it because:

1) taking medicine (antibiotics or not) too frequently cant be doing my body any good. So better to recover naturally (albeit slowly)
2) taking MC too frequently cant be doing my career any good. So better go to work if I can get up and pick myself up from bed in the morning.
3) these symptoms happen so damn often that if I take MC for each occurence, I'd probably use up all my sick leave. See Point 2
4) staying at home and feeling drowsy from medication is no fun at all!

Still.... I hate this half-sick feeling!


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