Monday, February 27, 2006

What a day..

It was supposed to be a usual, activity-filled Saturday. We were scheduled to have our small ensemble practice from 1030-1230, then proceed to visit Mr A, and to have lunch together.

The plan was simple enuff. Since Mr A had to attend a wedding high-tea at 3pm, we would stay and chat with him till 2 plus, then proceed back to for Genus rehearsal. Sounds good ya?

The "action" started when we met up with Mr A at 1pm. He was visibly glad to have a bunch of his old students and friends from Genus come by and lunch with him. He even reserved 2 tables at the Condo Club house restaurant for the visitors (ie. us). As the stories (and gossips) starting flowing, Mr A happily told us that he would not be attending the wedding after all, since it involved someone he didnt really know. Thus, we should not feel 'compelled' to leave at 2 plus.

hoho.. that was it. When we adjourned to the function room, where Mr A proudly went through his treasured collection of CDs, LPs, and books, time just flew by and unknowingly, we stepped passed the 3 pm deadline.

It started with one phone call to Alex (Lee), and a while later, another call, within minutes of each other. Then, it was my turn. Raj actually called to tell me that Domy is blowing his top at the large cohort of "missing" seniors/alumni members. It seems that he even took it out on poor Raj!

I volunteered to fetch Alex back to the ensemble first, as it was evident that he was getting really uncomfortable with all the tension/stress he must have felt from mcduff/jai (?) live report from Dance theatre. Sigh.. Poor AC... It didnt help that Owls was happily looking thru magazines and even more happy to 'inspire' a heart attack (or a burst of blood vessel ) for the conductor.

But what made me boil was what happened after we got back to CFA:

1) Domy chose to start the ensemble when Alex took his seat. Yes. Just ONE person, and it seemed to make a BIG difference to Domy's ego. Perhaps it was to 'justify' what he supposedly told the ensemble earlier (before we came back), that he wanted to run Genus the "army way". ie. punish the whole group, and make an example of one guy. i think this was really uncalled for, and it reveals an inmature attitude.

2) the way Domy chose to put down the Alto 2 members was terrible rude and condescending. In my opinion, you should never use sarcasm, unless it is your intention to insult someone. Obviously the conductor has lost his cool, and by resorting to such un-gentlemanly behavious, has also lost the respect (what was left of it anyway) of the remaining members of the ensemble.

3) The way Handel concerto sounded was sad.. but what made it worse was the fact that the conductor/soloist took it out on the ensemble, when it was so bloody obvious that the soloist himself was not able to play properly! (when u wanna call someone ugly, look in the mirror first! )

That really was the last straw for me.. fortunately we had MASAK practice, which made up for the utter waste of time coming back to CFA on Saturday.

Well, one good thing did come out of the whole episode -

Operation Mitosis is definitely a GO.


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