Wednesday, April 11, 2007

What?!! Only $100k a month??

All this talk and "debate" over the increase in ministerial pay... absolutely bo-liao, in my opinion.

After years under this government, shouldn't Singaporeans wake up (or grow up) to the reality that when the government has decided on something, nothing but nothing will ever make them change their mind. It's ALWAYS a case of "We know what's best for you, so quit complaining". And to think they can tell Singaporean we are not interested enough about local politics and happenings... hah!

Just look the GST increases over the years. Just look at the integrated resort issue. Similarly, the increase in ministerial & top civil servants' pay package...

To me and most of my friends (my generation), we simply grew from being bitter and disgusted, to being cynical, and eventually to being totally resigned and disillusioned about the state of such matters here in Singapore.
It really is futile. To the point that I have refused to even read anymore of these articles in the newspapers which, incidentally, has been labelled as our 'government newspapers' by critics. It's not hard to see why - during the supposed "debate" period where the issue has been brought up, you'd constantly find the papers publishing headlines like:

"CEO takes home $10 million in bumper year!"

"Banker earns $5.6 million including bonuses!"

"Top earners in Singapore see hugh jump in pay package..."


After a while, this overt attempt (by the newspaper) at justifying the minister's 'miserly' $1.2 million pay package just seems really funny. Give us a break!

All said and done, let's move on and accept the fact that when one can self declare and justify one's own pay package, it's a no-brainer - who wouldnt give themselves a pay rise???

I know i would.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If u have notice, this issue has actually "increase" my market value.

Mr. Lee says an engineer has an annual income of S$0.6 mil. OMG!! I am attaching that newspaper cutting as my reference for expected salary in my new job.

District 9 & Merz here i come!


8:57 AM  
Blogger 北海道的大黑熊 said...

Just heard PM Lee is donating his increment to charity for 5 years. Decent of him to do that.


come to think of it, that's 600k a year (his salary increased from 2.5 mil to 3.1 mil mah)! Small change for these guys probably..

No wonder someone (from their "elite" circle) once commented:

"600,000 is peanuts!"


2:28 PM  

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