Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Who wants to be in the Genus Committee?

I don't envy being in the Genus Committee these days. It's really not easy to make everyone happy, no matter what decisions they make (or do not make).

Some things they have to deal with (which the earlier Committees prob did not have to face, or not to the same extent):

1) A large cohort of foreign students in the Genus new members intake. Many of these foreign students go back to their home countries during the school holidays, leaving the Genus practices practically meaningless and impossible to manage.

2) A large cohort of super lao-chiows (aka Alumni) playing in a separate ensemble (or as some call it - "small" group ). Most of these players are working adults, and have little patience nor interest in teaching/coaching the younger players. But when things do not run as they expect/hope, expect lots of criticisms (although most of these are done "behind the scenes")

3) An Assistant Conductor (AC) who harbours ambitions and usually come with "hidden agendas" to his undertakings with regards to Genus. Besides helping with the conduct of music activites, this AC also begins his own crusade of "corporatising" Genus - with the full package of "mission" and "vision" , etc...

4) A Music Director/Conductor who, although fully professional in his own right as a musician, knows little about guitar (as he does not play the instrument)and demands payment for writing scores for the club.

5) A bunch of CFA administrators who know little/nothing about music, but rather, focus on the "return on investment" (ROI) of each music group.

Gosh, it's certainly not a good time to be in the Genus Committee, especially if you are a 21 (or younger) youngster who simply wants to enjoy life in the varsity.

"Who wants to be.... a Genus Committee Member???"


Anonymous Anonymous said...


its not my rice-bowl. why care so much? No matter, how much criticism nor unmet expectations, GENUS concert always ends with clapping, regardless of the music standards dished out.

if got interested parties who wanted to participate in mgmt and steer the club, then encourage them to take the lead and plunge in the comm. ^^

Prolly i recommend a Discipline Mistress role too.


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