Friday, July 27, 2007


It's finally started...

I'm not sure if this is the norm elsewhere, but it does seem to me that in corporates, there is bound to be this "mass diffusion" once every 2 years (or less).

I am talking about the movement of people - disillusioned or fed-up with their work or jobs - out of the company, in a ala follow-the-leader mode.

My first experience of this was years back, when I was still a greenhorn engineer in Sumitomo Bakelite. My colleagues were great - Ooi, Lee Ling, Bee Bee, Shirvin, Koo, etc... A solid manager too.

But as things went, it was the usual gripes and complaints. Low pay, silly corporate practices, inter (and intra )departmental feuds, blah blah blah...

So, before the 2 years deadline was up, the exodus began. One by one, the engineers left for (perceived) greener pastures. And with their departure, they brought the laughters and fun away with them. I was one of those who left then.


After almost a year and half at my present workplace, and seeing new colleagues joining in batches after me, the present group of almost 20 trainers are forming a cohesive and formidable party. The team spirit has been good, and despite the inevitable cliques which form, the whole team has been pretty united and helpful to one another.

Then, it started happening again.

已有两个同事呈了辞职信. 其余的也蠢蠢欲动. 似乎大家都在等待良机逃离这个"苦难之地". 这种情绪就象病菌般地传遍整个队伍, 大家都似乎害怕成为最后剩下来的牺牲品似的.

在这种情况下,我也不禁被"感染"了. 这就是所谓的Peer pressure吧?

这几个月来我也不断地在寻寻觅觅,想趁这个时候找到自己的"出路". 但经过了一番心理挣扎和反复的思考之后,得到的结论还是斩时按兵不动,一旁静观其变来得托当. 怎么说,自己的年纪也不怎么轻了,这样反复的跳槽并非好事. 更何况,我对现在的工作能够胜任,做起来也还蛮顺利的,其实也没必要跟风似的和这班较年轻的同事一块儿搞"罢工"情操.

觉得遗憾的当然是这些日子来的欢乐情景,大伙儿的笑声和埋怨,中午的lunch break, 午后的cofee break...天下无不散的宴席. 只盼来日还能有机会再聚首吧!


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