Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Guitar assessories

I recently went online and did some "research" on the various guitar cases available for protecting those expensive, concert guitars.

As my Ruck guitar is scheduled to arrive either late this year, or early next year, I have this urge to scout around for a "worthy" guitar case to hold this prized possession. Certainly, no $100 case to store a $10,000+ guitar! (even though I don't exactly fly from country to country with my instrument lah. haha!)

Currently, a few choices are before me:

1) Accord case (US$1,400)
- seems like this is the STANDARD when it comes to light-weight flight cases. Nice, shapely design (luxurious look) and supposedly solid protection as well.
- however, paying S$2,000 for a guitar case seem too much, even for crazy me..

2) Karura case (US$750 - US$1150)
- seem like quite a good deal, although the price range is still a little over-the-top for me.
- Charles says he is bringing in these cases, but as of now, he did not mention any discounts for us... sigh.

3) BAM case (apprx S$900)
- made in France, and looks slick and pro. Very light weight as well
- currently, of the 3 brands, this is the only one I have seen and touched (at the Frank Brothers shop in Esplanade). And price-wise it is still "within range".

OG seems to be also in a mood to splurge the extra $$$ he got from the ERS (to be credited early next month). Hmm.. perhaps we will be carrying new shiny cases when we perform at the Esplanade library later this year, ya? haha.

** @%$#@%#^@%# he told me he actually got more than $2,000!!! What the XXXX!?!?!?
( I only got $1,400!! 天理何在???)

On a separate front, we are also looking at some nice, handcrafted (and obviously expensive! ) guitar tuners (aka machine head). It used to be that Rodgers tuners were THE top end of the spectrum when it comes to tuners. Now, I've found another brand - Graf, which appears to be equally, if not more, luxurious and beautiful!


Looking at the better designs there, the price could go beyond US$1,500! Omigod... for a guitar tuner??? I have to think thrice beyond venturing there. Especially now I have got 凯凯's education plan to worry about.

Nice to dream though...ahhhhhh


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