Sunday, January 27, 2008

A miracle

The past week really has been like a whirlwind... it came and went and before I could sit down and digest the realities, my (should I say) 'nucleus' family is now no longer just ping and me - we have a much awaited "第三者" in the family!

Between the sleepless nights (action-packed with coaxing, feeding and diaper changing) and the zombified couple of working days since last Sunday, I find myself sitting at home (ya, my own home - not my in-law's place, which has sort of become my 2nd home this past week) in front of the computer, finally able to put things into perspective.

To say the least, it truly is a life-changing experience. From a simple husband-wife setup, to a father-mother-child setup, the changes in lifestyle is just so drastic!

We (ping & me) used to think that getting married was a big deal - in terms of changing of a person's lifestyle. In the end, that was no big deal at all, really... All it took was a some getting used to (living with another person, who is NOT your parents), and a dose of mutual respect and trust. Besides that, you really go on living your pre-marriage lifestyle. Pretty much, that is.

But with this little bundle of joy, life's never going to be the same for us anymore.

I guess words can never fully describe the feelings that a parent goes through when he/she holds the child in his arms, and peer into the little (sometimes half shut, and sometimes only 1 eye is opened) eyes which looks back at you with utter trust and love. That's why only people who have gone through parenthood can relate to this, since no amount of reading books, watching movies, or advise from friends can prepare a person for those emotions.

In the words of Morpheus (from the Matrix), "I can only show your the door. You're the one who has to walk through it..."

And down the rabbit-hole did we fall this time.

At times (maybe due to lack of sleep as well), things seem so surreal, that my wife actually told me just yesteday, "This feels like a dream, and I keep thinking I'm gonna wake up, and we're going back to what we were used to doing just 1 week ago."

Haha.. I kinda agree with her. I too, sometimes feel a little 'scared' that our life has just gone haywire. What's gonna happen to our shopping trips, our restaurants visits, our social gatherings, etc...
For me, I'm not even sure how i'm gonna have time to practise for the guitar solo part in the concert coming up in less than a month's time.

But I know that somehow, things will work out. If only we set our hearts to it.

I know, because not that long ago, we were happily living our lives as a couple, adamant that we're gonna keep that status quo for the rest of our lives. But now, we have little boy boy lighting up our lives.

It is truly a miracle.


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