Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Sometime back, Viv and I saw this blog site supposedly set up by a "teenage lolita". It was pretty interesting stuff, talks about her 'sexploration' and her many adventures. All in all, it was something rather "advant garde" - at least to someone like me (I'm still in the dinosaur age when it comes to such things).

Anyway, feeling bored and all, we decided to send an email to this blogger (she actually invited interested parties to contact her. Really!) - on behalf of 老娇.

hahaha...take a look at our 杰作 below:


I stumbled upon your blog recently, and am deeply intrigued by your entries...

As a man in my early 40s, I have reached a point where life has become a little too predictable and boring. I am looking to inject some excitement into my mundane life once more.

I cannot help but agree with you that love and lust isn't a singular entity. (though i naively believed it when i was younger)
* for your info, i am happily married with 2 young kids. But like I said, the sheer repetitiveness of coming to work in a gloomy office then returning home to face the challenges at home have taken a toll on my zest for life. I long for exictement!!

I hope I am not being overly-direct by asking you what kind of service you provide to your clients? (btw, what is BDSM? pardon me for being a little out-of-touch with the 'market' )

Hope to hear from you real soon.


Quite bo-liao, ya? Good for laughs though. heheh

p.s. Too bad the email bounced... if not, if would have been even more interesting. :P


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