Wednesday, March 26, 2008

老"娇" (pr: Lao Hiao)

Most things in our lives change with age. Some changes can be quite dramatic! (looks, for instance). But I think a person's character is something that wont really change much.

Only recently, my mum remarked that I should 'control' my temper and not flare up too often at seemingly small things. She even claimed that I inherited this trait from her! And that at 60+, she has "mellowed" to become more patience, tolerant, blah blah blah...

Hmm... I admit that sometimes I do tend to get agitated by little things. But I also like to believe that my EQ is not that low - and that helps me cool down after moments of sitting down rationalising the episode over in my head. Thus, I think I am a little better than quite a number of people I know. haha.

Anyway, what has that got to do with the subject title "Lao Hiao"? :P

This nickname (if we can call it that) is one which some of my colleagues and I have come up with, for a particular "senior" colleague in our department. This colleague, despite being 40+, really takes great pains to maintain a "chiselled" body, youthful face, and also often thinks that others (of the opposite sex) are beowing (secretly or otherwise) in this direction.

Normally, you'd think the tag of 老娇 and the description suits a woman. But no - This colleague of mine is NOT a lady. He is a 40+ year old guy. :PP

Which actually is kind of funny, really. He is the sort of person who loves to share his old "war stories" of how this or that gal tried to date him, or bring him to see her mother (yes, so urrrggghh!), or the good'0' days of him as a swinging an eligible bachelor.

Of course, he is now happily married (with 2 kids, mind you), but that doesnt stop him from thinking (perhaps he really believes it in his heart) of himself as a woman-magnet.

During a recent incident, some of us were teasing him about his apparent mis-pronunciation of a female colleague's name. We laughed at the apparent freudian slip of tongue, claiming he must have been thinking of another woman. Instead of being offended (he seldom is lah..this guy's ego is so huge!), he retorted,

"You all dont gek me ah... later I really go and date her out this Friday."

What arrogance and EEEEGGGOOOO!!!! Simply unbelievable sometimes, but hey, he seems to get a kick out of it, as do we (since we always get a good laugh from his antics).

Hmm... come to think of it, I dont know of any other 40+ GUY who is as hiao as him. He must have been this hiao since young (I cant imagine someone would actually become more hiao as he gets older??!?) lah...

That's why I believe - a person's character doesnt change much with age.



Anonymous G-Teoh said...

Hahahaha... it is so HIM to make a comment like that!!

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