Monday, May 25, 2009

Learning on the job

It's been just over a week since I've joined my new company, working as a technology consultant in a bank.

There's a "whole new world" of knowledge and stuff I need to learn and pick up, (obviously) as quickly as possible - so that I can become a useful part of the entire working team.

My first impressions of my new workplace is rather positive one. After years of NOT having my own desk to work on (you see, my previous job was onto this concept known as "hot-desking".... which many of us simply didnt like. It wasnt that "hot" after all), I now finally had a desk and a "space" to call my own. I can bring my own photos to decorate the place, bring my own mug to get my own drinks (without using those yucky plastic/disposable cups); and basically make the place feel more "friendly" and conducive for working in.

The general environment is not so unlike the TR (ORQ) office, where I've spent the last 3+ years in. Clean, rather new looking, bright, and generally spacious. The one main difference is my new workplace seems to be a much quieter office, compared to the ORQ one - well, to be fair, in ORQ, the CT team (ie. the noise-polluters = us ) has typically been the one contributing to most of the rah-rah in the office.

Hmm.. perhaps given some time, after I am more settled in, one of the things I will attempt is to "convert" some of these nice, quiet-loving people in my new workplace to become more noise-loving, huh? hhahahaaa..

Ops... must 保持形象! At least for now... =P


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