Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The only "Constant" is "Change"

What a year 2009 is turning out to be.

So far, the year has brought about changes affecting the most important aspects of my life. How so, you ask? Well, here are the changes I've made so far:

1) I have changed my home

We finally made the move from Bukit Batok to Alexandra, after months of wait - firstly for the tenancy agreement to end (end of Jan 09), then the renovations which was rather badly delayed due to the Chinese New year period.

Now we are finally able to enjoy a new environment, and more importantly, transporting boy boy to-n-from my in-laws place is signifcantly easier. Actually, HE is the main reason why we've moved... hehe

2) I have changed my car

Sold my Megane, and opted for a OPC (Avante) to better fit my current lifestyle.

Given that I'd normally use the car only in the evenings on weekdays, mainly to ferry boy boy back from my in-laws' to my house, the OPC's restriction on weekdays (can only drive w/o a day coupon between 7pm - 7am following day) doesn't really affect me. My only main grouse is the restriction imposed on Saturday... Didn't the government annouced that Saturday is officially a NON-working day??? Why then is there a restriction for OPC till 3pm on Saturday? Well, even if you consider Saturday as half-working day, shouldnt this restriction end at 1pm instead or 3pm?
Well, anyway, for the sake of the $17k rebate, I guess this little inconvenience has to be put up with :P

What I also love about the OPC is the savings - not just on monthly instalments, but also on road tax, insurance!

3) I am changing my job

After months of deliberating, I've finally decided that 3 years as a Trainer in my current company is enough. To put it bluntly - the glass ceiling has never been clearer than it is now.... There simply is nowhere else to move onto, beyond the role which I am taking on now. At least, not in the capacity of a trainer.

My kind supervisor offered to relook at the various possibilities (within and outside of the training dept) and tried her best to persuade me to stay. I am certainly thankful to her, and appreciate her kind gestures. (I must also admit, it feels nice to be treated as a "valuable asset" to the team here.) But after much thought, I think it is best for me to grab this opportunity to move on.

I need a new challenge!


After making changes to 3 of the biggest (or at least, the most expensive!) things in my life, what's next?

Hmm... I remember earlier in the year, when some of my colleagues were discussing the Chinese Horoscope for each of the 生肖 this year. And guess what? The Feng shui master predicted a "year of changes" for the OX people this year (in the year of the OX). I recall one of the predictions SPECIFICALLY mention there would be a likelihood of changing: House, Car, Job and... Spouse!


Haha.. fortunately, my wife has cleverly helped to unwind this predicament. She said, "That's correct. Your "老婆”is your beloved guitar what...". And she is right! Now, it's up to Robert Ruck to make that last prediction come true... =)


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