Friday, June 26, 2009


I was at China Square Central during lunchtime today, and had a small "discovery" there. I found that there is actually a congregation of toys/figurine shops at this shopping centre. You know, the sort that sells figurines from all sorts of areas - Star Wars, Final Fantasy, Gundam, Transformers, etc.. you name it.

It was certainly an interesting walk for me - definitely an advantage of lunching alone (all my colleagues had to work WAY past the normal lunchtime, and freezing as I was in the office, I had to get out before my fingers can't move anymore!) - and as I wandered along the shops, I found this particular one which sells OLD (some can even be considered antiques) toys. They actually had a few of those hand-held video games way back from my days in the 80's! Well, in truth they cant really be called hand-held, since they are fat, and rather bulky, and so they are normally seated on the table where one can just bang away at those primitive looking buttons (unlike the ones which came later, which were truly portable). One was a "Space Invaders" kind of shooting game, and the other one looked like "Donkey Kong" type. Seeing these game machines really bring back fond memories...

Another item that caught my eye was this coin deposit container, in the form of Mickey Mouse (one arm raised in a waving gesture). I used to own that exact coin container when I was a kiddo! (My brother had a Donald Duck one as well) I kind of recalled that I dropped it one day and it broke, causing quite a bit of tears and fuss for the next few days. Boy, that must've been like 30 years ago....

The thing is, memories from so long ago fade with time, and cameras in those days as nowhere as ubiquitous as they are today. My dad used to have this old, black-coloured camera, which I loved to play with as a kid. There was a rotating kind of dial on the top, which you had to wind up somehow, in order to prep the film for taking the shots. The camera felt heavy to hold, but it was exactly the weight (plus the sensation of pressing the firm snap button, which produces a solid "click" sound!) which made the device feel really solid and impressive - unlike some of the toy-like plasticky but supposedly high-tech cameras in this era.

Anyway, I'm really digressing too much.

What I was thinking of was that - back in those days since cameras were not so prevalent, we'd only have photos of really big, important events (like some big family outings, overaseas trips, etc.) to reminisce over. Beside thoses images, all we have are valuable memories, stored away in some part of our brains, waiting to be evoked by some special encounters or events in our lives.

The seemingly random walk I took (in China square Central) today just happened to be one those things.

How curiously wonderful!


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