Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Japan Japan!

We will be flying off to Japan in 4 days' time! Feeling very excited, as this will be the furthest we will have travelled as a family - and with him, our dearest little Kai!

The entire trip was booked over the internet separately - the air tickets were first secured, then we started hunting for hotels. We will be staying in 3 different hotels : Shinagawa Prince Hotel, Yaesu Station Hotel and the Mira Costa (Disney Sea) hotel - so it's going to be quite challenging (but fun!) to move between locations.

Of course, our main concern is the little one, who has so far travelled with us to Cameron Highlands and Thailand (Bangkok). Now that he is a little older - albeit not by much - we are really hoping he can get used to eating properly as we will be having meals entirely outside of the comforts of home. So far, his dieting habits have been quite a concern to us... :P

I am planning to pay a visit to the Gendai publication, as well as HOMA dream inc. (another classical guitar publisher), both shops being located rather conveniently near the Ikebukuro train station. I just hope we wont get lost once we get there (else EP will probably kill me!). Owls also recommended we take a trip to see the Ghibli studio Museum, featuring the cartoon artwork and artifacts from famous animation artist 宫崎峻. For that we'd need to purchase tickets from LAWSON, a chain of local convenience store in Japan - I really hope we wont have too much trouble getting them. =)

The highlights of our trip is obviously the 2-3 days that we'll be spending in Disneyland and DisneySea. It's been quite a number of years since EP and I visited DisneySea (it was for during our honeymoon, so I figured that must've been in 2004? ), so I'm naturally excited to go back to the park where we've had such fond memories of and as I recall, some of the rides were quite awesome! The focus this time round will be almost entirely on Kai though, and we are hoping the language barrier we'll face at the parks will not deter him from enjoying the sights, the scenes and of course the music. Mickey Mouse is still Mickey Mouse, right? Regardless of what language he speaks in.... :P

I also have another priority for this trip (ok lah...besides ensuring that we get to taste all those delicious Japanese cuisine...yum yum! ), and that is to take lots and lots of beautiful pictures of our time there! For that, I am going to bring my Sony DSLR and all my lenses so that I wont miss any shots - be it a nice portrait shot or that zoomed-in view of Mount Fuji (we intend to take a day tour to visit the famed mountain. Actually, both EP and I have been there already, but it's like you've never BEEN to Japan unless you visit Mt Fuji, so we thought we ought to bring our boy there as well. At least for a good family photo to be taken lah!). Hopefully, when we return, I can upload some nice shots to this blog!
Look out for it!


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