Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Azumi 2 - A ninja/samurai flick

I just watched this japanese swordfighting movie, starring the pretty Aya Ueto, as Azumi, a trained assasin, caught in a feudal war between some warlords or whatever.

Actually, the movie's plot is quite idoitic lah.. and there's no "twist" or anything, but then who watches these kinda movie for plot anyway rite? Basically, its about this master (ugly looking old foggie) who wants to go to war and destroy this other master (another ugly looking old foggie), and the latter guy hopes to avert war by sending assasins to murder the first guy (huh??.. whatever :PP )

Anyway, as if i care about the plot. Like i said, i liked the movie becos:

1) it has some interesting fighting sequences, featuring normal kah-kia ninjas, with flying dart attacks; as well as some "boss" fights, featuring quite impressive looking foes (one 'boss' is a large muscular guy in a mask, who swings a huge cleaver-like weapon, which he can throw like a boomerang! it can cut throw human torsos, tree trunks, etc..)

2) it has its share of eye-candy. The lead, Azumi (Aya Ueto) is a young sweet thing, but she sure can swing her samurai sword, and she looked rather impressive as an assasin. ( hmm.. female assasins are definitely more effective killing weapons.. especially if they are THAT attractive!)

3) it features 'special weapons'! as mentioned above, the flying cleaver is one example. In one other 'boss' fight scene, Azumi takes on this Monkey-like guy who spins a web trap using the bamboo trunks in the forest to trap her. The 'web' is made of this material that can even cut a falling leaf into half! whoo hoo!


Now really looking forward to some great movies coming out in the next month or two... BL told me he saw the trailer of "Silent Hill". Man.. that is a certain must-watch for horror afficianados like me! Another interesting one coming up is "the Hills have eyes", which apparently is a remake of an old Wes Craven movie(?)...



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