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Sometimes I wonder how males and females regard "Beauty".

While it definitely won't come as a surprise to anyone that guys and gals have rather different 审美观, but sometimes I am still left pondering as to how some guys can be "cute" or "macho" while others are deemed "cannot make it"...
Call me slow and insensitive, but hey - all these guys all seemed normal and look ok to me leh. :PP

Why this line of thought all of a sudden? Well, actually it has always puzzled me all these while, how kuja can remark about this guy being good-looking, that guy having nice features, etc... (hey, we're damn open about such things lah. In fact, I'll be the first to admit I like admiring pretty gals and good looking babes. And I do share my thoughts with kuja sometimes as well ya. hehe )

And today, I had lunch with Yen and Ruby and the topic drifted to friendly gossip about some of our common frens (hhmm.. come to think of it, lunch these 2 always involved sharing new stories and gossips. haha. That's why it's so fun mah! ). And again, there were comments on certain people's looks and features. * incidentally, they seemed to share kuja's viewpoint! e.g. on KH and KC being "good-looking" and such.. I was thinking "Huh??" *

My conclusion (from discussions and gossip sessions) is that guys tend to be more critical when judging the physical appearance of a gal. The facial features, the body contours, the legs, the bust, the bottoms... you name it. But when it comes to guys looking at other guys, it's like "hhmmpphh.. " = like that lor, ok what. 2 eyes, 1 nose, 1 mouth, 2 hands, 2 legs. Conclusion - normal lah!

But ask our lady frens, and they'll tend to have a more err.. should i say, 'sympathetic' view of their kind. I realised kuja seldom gives nasty comments on other gals. They're either very pretty, or quite sweet (which to me usually is quite jia-lat already), or very attractive, etc...
As for rating of guys, they certainly have a wider range of comments to make... some can be quite funny even!

这就是荷曷蒙在作祟吧? 不过有一点是肯定的,那就是无论是男人或是女人,都对漂亮的女人感到兴趣. 男人当然是喜欢欣赏美女啦. 而女人则是喜欢观察其他女人的穿着与衣物,当中也许也有一点相比较的意味存在.

As for whether a person is "good-looking" or not (to the opposite sex), it comes down to the old adage, "beauty is in the eyes of the beholder".

情人眼里出西施. :)


Anonymous hansen said...

My take...

When gals comment on looks, they always use THEMSELVES as a judge. So they will actually say somebody is pretty because they themselves have better features (or so they feel); when they sympathise with 'inferior' looks it's because they have some of it too, and hence feel for the person being criticised. So on this line of thought, when we say this model/actress is hot, they'll always doubt and negate, because they cannot find a reference point on themselves to compare!

As for guys point of view, we tend to be more objective. So you see, that's why most photographers, fashion designers, filmakers etc are male, because we can see things without a reference point. We are not shy to call people ugly even though we aren't much better off; we say someone is beautiful because she is, not because she is MORE beautiful than XYZ...

I think I'm gonna be flamed...

1:42 PM  
Blogger wai said...

Better duck now... :p Not that I ever see the other girls comment much. ;) I dunno what to respond to this, except to wonder what about when guys evaluate other guys?

8:48 AM  
Anonymous michelle said...

nothing much to rebut hansen anyway. We've always known guys to be superficial, beauty is just the "shell". They'd prefer bimbos to intellectual girls anytime. It "brings up" their status to have a good looking partner next to them, right?

I think when girls assess other girls (that they know), they also consider their character. There are also those that are "nai kan". They don't strike you as particularly pretty at first glance, but after some them, you appreciate their beauty.

1:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is much generalisation regarding both sexes here, altho majority seems to concur with it.

No comments about females' definition of beauty, but i concur of SH on his take on guys. As long as the object (e.g. cars and girls usually) is pleasing, the term "chio" is coined.

Actually, it takes a himbo to appreciate a bimbo. "nai kan" girls are definately in the wish list of some bachelors, but sometimes it is the lack of social circle that limits a chance encounter of "when Harry meets Sally".


9:01 AM  

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