Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Strange fellas

I often find it strange, that some of the closest friends you've known in your life can slowly transform over the years into alien beings whom you can hardly recognise and associate with.

Let me give a real-life example:

The guys' profile:
- known him for over 15 years, since good'o school days
- used to be a really friendly and good sociable fella
- hardworking and 'A' student in school. Now working as a doctor.
- we have kept in touch all these years, met up for social gatherings, birthday celebrations, etc..

But in the recent couple of years, he became more and more anti-social. Not in the sense of being unfriendly or openly hostile. But everytime there's a gathering, he'll ask questions like "er.. who's going to to there at this gathering?", "not sure if i can commit", "try my best to be there", "what time was the gathering again", "er.. where is the gathering again?" etc..etc.

In short, he's become much like a woman, in terms of being 超级婆妈 and 优柔寡断. No, in fact he's much worse. It's become really unbearable for the group of us guys buddies...

And worst of all, after repeatedly asking all these questions, SMSing to confirm and re-confirm, he decides to do a "no-show" at the gathering.

Not once, not twice, not thrice... but again and again.

And just when you thought, "nah... probably this guy's got some problem lah... maybe he's got other priorities now, and doesn't want to keep in touch with old friends anymore", and forgets about him, he will suddenly SMS a "i'm really sorry, i'll try my best to make it to the next gathering" - out of the blue.

There have been some theories that have surfaced amongst the few of us close friends:

fren A: "Maybe he has been jilted one too many times... such that he is a little emotionally imbalanced.."

fren B: "Or maybe he has an inferiority complex..."

fren A: "huh?? what's that mean??"

fren B: "In the sense that he sees all of us getting married one by one, and some already being 'promoted' to become fathers. He sort of feel left behind?"

fren C: "No lah.. i think you're all wrong! I think he's just gay. Afraid to come for gathering, in case someone asks him about his marriage plans.."

All the rest: "ya hor.. come to think of it.. remember that time he.......etc..etc.."

haha... guys gossip a lot too, you know :P


Blogger wai said...

Sigh...are you sure the behaviour warrants so much puzzlement? It sounds too much like me (and most of my friends) these days... and I don't think I'm (too) unbalanced. :p

As for me, despite my unwillingness to commit to social gatherings too far in advance in case of a clash (I'll admit it's because I often fill my plate with too many things), clashes do occur last minute too - whether it's errands to run, work unfinished, or another group of friends that have unexpectedly come to visit, leading me to cancel unexpectedly. The instances that spring up often involve other people's last-minute plans. So I suspect that it isn't just me who's like this last minute mind-changer.

I think the main problem here is not his behaviour, but what it means about our society, where connectivity has completely taken the place of plans and scheduling - leading to last minute confirmations and yes, last minute cancellations too. I used to get irked by this kind of behaviour, but now I find that I'm just increasingly like that.

I'm not being very coherent am I? Sigh...back to exam prep...

2:43 PM  
Blogger Hiong Gai Gai said...

No, i feel that his case is more than just due to simple clashes of appt schedules, resulting in his inability to commit...

Anyway, even if its truly the case, 1 time, twice, 3 times...10 times???

co'mon.. sometimes maintaining friendship also require some effort, right? And if he's not interested in keeping our friendship, then why bother to SMS saying he's sorry, will try his best...blah..blah..blah..

Sigh.. i just cannot tahan men who are so 婆婆妈妈,拖泥带水. ArrrrrggG!

4:46 PM  
Anonymous hansen said...

Er....so you can tahan women who are 婆婆妈妈,拖泥带水?

1:20 PM  
Blogger Hiong Gai Gai said...

Put it this way - i can tahan a 婆婆妈妈,拖泥带水 woman, more than i can tolerate those traits in a man!

3:41 PM  

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