Wednesday, November 29, 2006


我们人,通常很喜欢把两样同西(有时是更多样),或是两种选择拿来做比较. 目的是为要衡量一下,到底怎样做,怎么选择才比较"值得".

In English, it's the common question, "Is it worth it?"

That's mostly how people make choices in their lives. Many a times, the choices we made, or decisions that we took, were based on what we felt (at that time) was the more "worth it" approach.

Of course, defining what is "worth it" is key to all this discussion.

到底, 怎样才算是"值得"?

Actually, things aren't so complicated if you really think about it... There're a couple of things that the common man covet - Power (权势), Wealth (财富), and Love/Lust (爱情/色欲).

* in simple guys' lingo - it's simply Power, Wealth and Women! hahaha..

So, when we are measuring the "worthiness" of a particular choice, we tend to compare it against the other alternative in terms of how favourable the outcome is likely to be on the basis of the 3 things that we covet.

Many such decisions are relatively simple to make.

For instance, when we are deciding on which job to take up, or whether to make a job switch, we will like compare the opportunities based on whether there's room for advancement/promotion (Power), and the level of benefits and compensation it pays out (Wealth).

Another example. When deciding whether to woo this lady or that lady, men tend to focus quite a fair bit on the physical attractiveness of the person, all things being equal (e.g. both are equally nice, friendly and can get along well, blah.blah..blah... admit it guys, looks count - a great deal! )
And thus, we compare the alternatives based on our desire for Love, or more crudely - Lust.

But in life, nothing is ever simple, it seems. So things gets really 'interesting' when the 3 criteria clashes.

Sacrifice love in pursuit of more Wealth? (e.g. when we see a really young and attractive woman marrying a rich, but old and maybe evening dying tycoon. yeah.. they always profess "true love", but let's be real lah! )

Or give up Power in exchange for Love? (e.g. 吕布为了貂蝉,放弃了已拥有的权势而杀了自己的大靠山董卓,也间接导致自己走上了灭亡的道路)

While there are people who are obviously crazy about power or money, most of us are able to be quite rational when we make decisions based on the "worthiness" based on these 2 criteria. The decisions may not be easy ones for sure (like which job is likely to lead to better prospects and benefits), but we can still take a more or less logical approach to the decision making process.

But Love & Lust? tough luck...

It can make you blind to all things, poision your mind, confuse your senses, sap your will, and sometimes make you berserk!

Hey! Sounds like being struck with Malboro's famed Bad Breath attack, huh?! hahaha..


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