Monday, April 23, 2007

Updates and thoughts

It has been an interesting week, the last one.

First, Masak performed for the University Awards night last Thursday evening at the UCC foyer, with our "newest and outgoing" member (ironic isn't it? :P ) - Wai.
The performance went pretty smoothly, I thought, given that we only rehearsed the entire programme in 2 sessions of practice.
(no, I'm not saying we are damned good. We are just damned bo-chap! hahaha)
In between Michelle's constant claims of "i need a mask!", and Alex's sudden switch to playing Alto 1 part for Nocturne (which he claimed was deliberate, but i somehow feel he just didnt realise he had the wrong set of part scores! heh) - we pulled it through.
Overall, quite an enjoyable experience.

Then, on Saturday, Raj and I had a lengthy discussion with Robert, mostly on the 2007/08 plans for Genus.
In the end, we generated a list of possible songs which could be considered for the concert come March '08. Again, he strongly hinted at wanting us to play concerto soloist(s) role in the concert. Guess we'll see about that...

But the most interesting thing was the "action" going on in the Practice theatre, where reliable sources later told us that the Suitcase General decided to give a 15 min speech on the virtues of practising! There was even something about him supposingly telling his "Gold-with-honours" troops that they would end up being poor COP (certificate of particiaption) holders if they practiced and performed like the Genus orchestra did in the Bach EMajor Concerto last month.

What arrogance!

I felt disappointed at not being part of this "action"... Darn!

Let's hope there's more of these in the coming workyear! hahahaa


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