Monday, June 11, 2007


Ok, Genus didnt get into the Top 3 in the recent Guitar Ensemble Competition in Germany. We got 4th.

Which IS somewhat disapppointing. Afterall, we have a World-class conductor, some very good players (considering almost all of them werent professional players) and a pretty interesting & diverse repertoire. Furthermore, according to Robert, the team played well enough.

Of course, it could mean that the other 3 teams (1st, 2nd and 3rd) were of really high standards. Something which ZJ and Moh confirmed during our tea session yesterday.

Still, it amused me to no end to hear that Suitcase-man actually shed tears after the competition was over.

A grownup man crying over losing a guitar competition??? Somehow, that is hard for me to comprehend. 难道这个人的得失心真的那么重?

(I can't help thinking back to the last time I actually cried. Hmm....i cant exactly recall the occasion, but i suspect it was over a touching scene in a movie. hehe.. not exactly very "noble" either lah... )

也许皮箱人是被感情之事而洒泪吧? 又或许他是因为在这漫长的两个星期内,竟找不到一个可以聊天,谈心的对象而感慨落泪.

总之,若是因为无法在一场比赛中得奖而伤心落泪,那也只能说这个人对胜负看得十分重吧. 我本身就觉得这样患得患失并非好事.


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