Monday, June 04, 2007

4th place for Genus germany team

Got an SMS from Robert early this morning:

"Hello. We won 4th prize out of 8 grps. We played well. Level very high."

I guess we didnt do too badly, all things considered. Truthfully, I never expected us to be able to win the competition, given the fact that the team was only put together in the last 2 months or so. We also didnt feature all our strongest players (many of whom could not/ would not go to Germany due to one reason or another).

But I'm just a little disappointed for the guys in Germany, because they'd have gotten some extra pocket money and bragging rights, had they emerged within a top 3 placing. The money is negligible, to be sure, but being 3rd instead of 4th seem to make a difference. In most competitions, we rank the top 3 places, and the rest all belong to the "Thank you for participating" category.
So in that sense, 有一点可惜...

Still, the fact that Robert felt the team had played well is good enough news. I believe the mere experience of competing with other guitar ensembles around the world is a valuable one to take away from the trip, if nothing else.
Anyway, CONGRATULATIONS to the Genus germany team!

Interesting to just imagine, had we participated with our strongest lineup (think Guitarist network team, maybe plus/minus a few players) might we stand a chance to go nearer the top groups? :)


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