Tuesday, June 19, 2007

It amazes me sometimes that there are people who would bother to write to newspapers, "showcasing" their petty gripes about any and every impending price increase.

Well, perhaps I am being over critical of these folks. God knows sometimes I also kao-bei a lot about such perceived 'injustice'.

But the issue here is: What do you hope to accomplish out of all that complaints?? BSesides being ridiculed as a "whining" and a "complaint king" nation.

Thing is, isn't it obvious to all these people that REGARDLESS of what they yak about, whine about, kao-bei about, there ain't gonna make any freaking difference in the outcome!?

Take the 2 most recent cases at hand:

1) NETS increasing their transaction charges to merchants.
2) STARHUB increasing their cable-TV subscription fees by (yes, i do agree) RIDICULOUS amounts...

Some people go crying to CASE (Cannot Act So Equivocate) thinking that it will make a difference. Ya..right..

CASE may have been able to able to do something to SMALL businesses who try to wringle a dollar or so more from a disgruntled customer through trickery or dishonest means. But so far, WHEN has CASE managed to persuade a BIG corporation(s) from increasing prices in what are obviously pure commercial decisions??

The point is: when a merchant chooses to increase it prices for its goods (or services) WITHIN the laws of Singapore, what good is crying "That's NOT FAIR!". Somehow, I don't think the shareholders of that company is gonna care - not when they their fat wallets are being fattened further by the obscene amount of money rolling in from such price hikes...

It is clear as day to me that if a PUBLIC transportation company can raise it charges seemingly at will (while the supposed "authorities" sit by and say "we do know..we dont care"), then what more a private company, whose sole objective is to raise the profit margin and answer to its shareholders?

So what can poor consumers do? Well, at the end of the day, if you are not happy with a company's price hikes, then just boycott that company's goods/services. e.g. not happy with Starhub's charges? Then dont watch cable-TV.

As for public transport costs.. well, remember to cast your votes wisely in the next GE, to ensure a "wake-up" call to the "authorities" lor.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Casting a vote wisely is impossible when the other side of the court is a motley crew of clowns, tho there's some small gems.

They did a pretty good job of ensuring the seemingly disparity of standards between both sides and will ALWAYS have a sweet at hand when THE time is at hand.

For me, its the sole function of any private org to makes profit. As u say, if not happy, then dun suscribe to their service.

For public org to even consider making a profit (after deduct its operating and/or expansion cost), its a joke to begin with.

However, rem when we in Japan, where public transport (cost ten times to sg)? haha we feel the pain.

And now, the retirement age considering (read "confirmed") to be going up to 65 and possibly 70, i dun think i got much life left then to spend my monies. Time to rework the financial maths if it happens.

Hmmm...Dominique fields doesn't look so expensive afterall.


9:20 AM  
Blogger 北海道的大黑熊 said...

you are absolutely spot on, bro! Go for it! I want a Damann, Jeff Eliot and Hauser too! haha!

5:22 PM  

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