Wednesday, October 17, 2007

What I wish for him

Many parents (or parents to be) wish for good things to happen to their child(ren). Or rather, the best things... Many a times, you'd hear them say things like, "hopefully he grows up successful and wealthy!". Others may more modestly claim they'd want their kids to be "kind", "smart" and of course, "filial". All these hopes and wishes are sometimes clearly reflected in the names chosen for the child. That may explain why words like 龙(望子成龙), 富(大富大贵), 福(福星高照), etc.. are so popular.

For me, there are a couple of traits/attributes which i would wish for boy-boy.

** Funnily, when I was thinking of these attributes, the "stats" from those old Koei games like 三国志 or 水浒传, where BL and I used to go on about which characters had the greatest stats - like 赵云 who had impressive stats of Power 99, Intelligence 90 in the original Romance of the 3 Kingdom game (launched in the 80s); or 花荣(小李广) in the Bandits Kings game, who probably had the best stats.
Those were the days.....

Anyway, coming back to boy-boy's stats. Here's what I wish for him (in order of importance):

1) Health (aka constitution/body in the typical RPG games)
- to me, nothing is more important than him being well and healthy. Without a strong body, it would be difficult to accomplish a lot of things.

2) Integrity of character (who was that character who had Integrity score of 100 in Bandit Kings har... cant remember)
- moral values can (and should be) imparted by parents to the child, but it is the unyielding integrity which ensures those same values are kept to and not easily given up for the sake of unscrupulous personal gains or favors.

3) Intelligence (sometimes the games list this as "Wisdom", those in D&D terminology these 2 are not exactly the same things..)
- to be frank, i'd rather my child be more the street-smart than the book-smart kind. I've learnt the in the real world today, being street-smart often gets a person much further than being just study/exam smart

4) Good-looking (aka "Charisma" in 三国志 )
- never underestimate the importance of looks in this superficial and materialistic world. How many times have we witnessed the better-looking fella succeed (whether it's in a job interview, or any other contest) whereas the other more "ordinary-looking" one with the SAME credentials gets left on the sidelines?
Admittedly, being a male, the looks department has a lesser impact than if the child had been a female. That's why I put this at 4th place.

And lastly...

5) Luck (this stats appear in many RPG)
- cant really explain or quantify this stats. But nobody can deny that some people just seem to have all the luck! They happen to be at the right places at the right times, know the right people (who'd help them along in life), meet their ideal partner, strike 4D many many times..etc.. :P

So there! My wishlist for boy-boy! :)


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