Sunday, January 04, 2009

A walk on the 1st day of 2009

We took Jing Kai out for a walk on Januaray 1st 2009 =)

Started the walk at the Alexandra Hort Park - which turned out to be quite scenic, actually - even though it was it was located next to some commercial buildings (i suspect those must've been the HP building or the BP one...)

Kai looking a little pensive in the park

He's getting warmed up now. "Daaaahhh!!" (don't ask me what it means though..)

A view of the Alexandra Arch bridge and the Tree top Walk

We headed towards the Henderson Waves

Halfway through the Tree top walk, we had to stop twice to feed the little guy as it was his milk time. It was quite a challenge for EP as there wasn't any place to sit down really, and she had to virtual squat/kneel beside his stroller to feed him. And my "job" was to provide distraction (so that he'd open his mouth to drink!). Talk about being naughty!

After the feeding was completed (well, sort of lah), we continued up the tree top walk and it was mostly upslope :P Finally, we reached the Henderson Waves.

EP trying to look relaxed... (but actually she's already short of breath at this point. haha)

The Henderson Waves looked even more impressive than the Alexandra Arch!

This is the last photo I took on the trip.

Why? Because after the Henderson waves, it was (more or less) all upslope again :(
But the worst was yet to come, as we found out.

The last section of walk before we could reach our destination (Harbour Front MRT/Vivo City) was this forest pathway called Marang Trail. As it turns out, the trail was just a series a steps and mudpaths heading downhill. And that meant we had to carry Kai (EP did that), and lift the stroller separately (yah, that would be my job). It turned out to be the most siong part of the whole walk :P

Fortunately, the "reward" was waiting for us at the end....

Ahhhhhhhhh... sweet air con (Harbour Front)....

All in all (including the time we stopped to feed Kai - roughly 15 minutes), we took slightly more than 1hr 30min.

*makes me wonder how fast Julia & family must've ran, since she convinced me that it was "really short", and that it took her like 40-45 minutes to complete this walk!


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