Friday, March 10, 2006

11th March preparations

I am not talking about preparing for Genus concert lah...

Rather, its the day my lovely wife celebrates her birthday!! And this year, to 'make up' for not being able to celebrate with her ON the actual day itself (i am performing in the concert mah.. ), i've got be a little on the ball. Otherwise, will kenna super nova, or whatever spell it is that KUJA casts.. Owls may be able to help me out on this.. Afterall, he probably has a phD on Final Fantasy.


whew! Finally manged to find that elusive shop an Ann Siang Rd to buy those fanciful candies, after a hot and frustrating 15 min walking about like a fool, in the hot 35 degrees celsius hot S'pore sun. Why am i doing that? oh well.. here's the (short) story..

It started with the copy of the newspaper call Urban, kindly distributed by the unseen 'uncle' every Thurday morning at doorstep of my home. Its actually part of the Thursday edition of the Straits Time, but it has become the MOST popular part of the newspaper to Ping. You see, every morning, i'm usually the one who picks up the newspaper, lugs in out of the home, pops it into my car, and then have a slow read over breakfast, or in office. For her, she'll usually just flip the pages for interesting/important news late at night.

But the Urban is different...

So come Thursday, she'll automatically 'volunteer' to help carry the papers as we trot to the carpark. And the first thing she'll do once on the car, is to scurry through the usually colourful pages of Urban for some nice looking bags/shoes/clothes, etc.., or even some quick tip on where's the latest shopping fixes. Most of the time though, after flipping through the pages, she'd just sigh, and either:

1) comment nonchalantly that there's nothing interesting this week...sigh..
2) sigh noticeably louder and comment on that nice looking branded bag, which cost about the price of an Asturias guitar, or sometimes even more than my Kohno guitar

However, the 9th March edition of Urban was different... afterall, it is her birthday week!!??!

This time, she just stared intently at an advert of some nice looking candies, and pointed repeatedly to them. No words were needed beyond that little, yet obvious gesture.

fast foward to 10th March afternoon, 2 pm. at Ann Siang road...

The shop was supposed to be at Ann Siang road what!!! where the heck is it????

After frantically walking up and down the small street, and getting not-a-little lost (even ventured over the Club street!), i finally found the not-so-eye-catching shop at a street corner. And... ta-dah!

Some good-looking and expensive candies.. (i hope they're good tasting though..)

And now, for the limit break...

Hope i've done enough to be 'pardoned' this year.

Why does Genus concert have to be on the SAME day as her birthday???


Anonymous hansen said...

good thing it's URBAN, made in Singapore. Not some magazines from Paris...

Auntie and uncle already, so when is Guitar playing Kuja Jr coming?!?!

7:24 PM  
Blogger Hiong Gai Gai said...

Nooooo... no kuja jr.. one kuja boss fight oredi very siong. I not high level enuff to take on 2 bosses at one go. Must raise level first lah. :P

8:20 AM  
Blogger Owls said...

Kuja's final spell is ultima. Of course, TRANCE mode is a must.

Super Nova belongs exclusively to "Sephiroth!"

I thought she's Yuna now?
yah Tidus?

*The Prayer of the Fayth rings in the background*

Or maybe she's Dark Yuna!

3:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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