Friday, March 24, 2006

老情歌组曲 and Fragile

Yay! I am done with the additional bars for 老情歌组曲, in particular, for the fast tempo section of 给我一个吻. This is following feedback from my Guitaresque buddies that this section seemed to end 'too fast', and before they can strum a few chords, the song transits into the next piece (of the medley). Oh, also added a surprise at the end! hohoho!! The guys are gonna laugh their heads off when we jam the piece this weekend. hmm.. maybe should ask OG to bring his video cam and do some extra damage... kuja has volunteered (again) to do the honours of filming.

haha.. this is my 'contribution' to those years of hairy encore pieces played by Genus... muahaha!!! So, next time if we have a chance to encore, then we'll show'em! :)

Also, the piece which i started some time back (on Finale), Fragile , i finally moved it onto to Sibelius, and continued to work on it. Actually, i am almost done with it... the only problem seems to be the ending.. How the heck do you end a piece which fades off (at least in LAGQ's version)?? I think i must seek some help here.. Owls, any ideas??

hmm.. maybe if somebody has a recording of the actual song, performed by Sting, it might help...