Sunday, March 19, 2006


Chaired the meeting for the small ensemble on Saturday (18th March), regarding the future of the small ensemble, as well as to provide feedback to CFA, on Dom.
The meeting went on smoothly, and I was really glad i took the time to discuss a whole lot of issues and details with Alex the night before. His input helped me put some things into perspective and to give a more balanced view/approach to the matters.

I think much has been said about Dom's lack of responsibility and commitment to Genus and his apparent laziness - in terms of doing his 'homework' before coming for practices, as well as his long delays in coming out with transcriptions and arrangements. Most of the seniors' comments dwell on related topics, giving case examples to support the claims.

While i don't necessary agree with all the 'complaints', i have to say that most are valid to some extent. However, it is probably unfair to compare Dom with Mr A, since the latter was the founding father of Genus, and being a retiree, he really dedicated his whole heart and soul into Genus. I believe Genus will never have another "Mr A"...

The final decision (obviously) lies with CFA, but we did our part as ensemble members, and provided the necessary feedback to ZQ, to be forwarded in his report to CFA management.

What i was more interested in, however, was what was to become of the small ensemble (SE)... should we split from Genus and form our own group under CFA, or should we stay in Genus as an alumni group. If you asked me... that 2nd option sounds suspiciously similar to the PO/SO system that we had last year.

In the end, our star player gave his opinion, which most of the members agreed to - that we are to remain as part of Genus, but simply as another small group. That way, we would most probably stay 'off limits' to the MD (whoever he may be) regarding our song choices and direction, and if we are to perform in the annual concert of Genus, it would be limited to only that 1-2 pieces. Much like taking up the Alumni item spot, a performance timeslot "reserved" for an alumni small group in all previous Genus concerts..

But 我最期待的是有一天我们能够呈现出一场属于我们自己的演出。 Be it a small performance in CFA itself, or perhaps in a small theatre in UCC - it would be a concert that i would seriously look forward to. And given the crop of players that we have now in the SE, i think that is a distinct possibility. We can probably prepare an full 60 min worth of music in 3-4 months, if we really want to do it. The planning and administrative arrangements are probably what would pull us back, given that most of us are working adults with busy schedules.

Still, one can hope right? Really..好期待那么一天快点儿来临。。。


Blogger Owls said...

No need even to compare with Mr. Alex. His lack of passion in the group is foaming out from his ears.

Any other conductor I've performed with or know of are far much better than him.

12:27 PM  
Blogger Jin said...

I've talked to Tiangang after the AGM meeting...He mentioned that in Rondella although Dominic do have mood swings and shoutings here and there, he seems to like Rondella better and put more heart into it. I even heard that he is hosting some sort of dinner to the Rondella member in his house...@_@

According to Tiangang, perhaps this is because he (Dominic) felt that he can have control on Rondella while Genus seemed to be trying to control him. @_@ * 2

4:11 PM  
Blogger Hiong Gai Gai said...

i dont think it's a matter of Genus trying to "control" him.. but rather, in Genus, there're quite a lot of ppl who wont take some of his nonsense, and will challenge him. In Rondella, he is prob king.

owls, i never fail to be amazed by the kind of descriptions you can come out with for him.. your love for him certainly runs deep... hahah!

4:22 PM  
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