Monday, March 13, 2006

On recordings and reforming

Wow! I am impressed to find our concert recordings all up on the net available for download, as early as yesterday - one day after the concert itself! That's great work - i assume from Jin (since he was the one who sent that email to inform us)! Even kuja was very impressed. :)

So far, i've only managed to hear a few of the songs, but they didnt sound too crappy, i must say! And it also cemented my gut feeling that the small ensemble sounded great. Even the smoked out runs were well camouflaged and sped through like nobody's business :P

I thought Guitaresque sounded pretty good too. Much of it due to the sound balance which was just about right.. only the lower bass notes (my part) was a little muffled and under. But other than that, melodies came through.

Masak's Suteki also sounded ok on recording, except that Snowparang's folk guitar was really, really soft.. funnily, the lower voices (Alex's cbass, and my prime part) were very outstanding, while Yen's Alto part sounded subdued. Maybe its becos her score had lotsa chords/arpeggios, and the alto guitar isnt really suited for that?

Will check out the other recordings soon...

Zhiqiang sms-ed me yesterday, and brought up the issue of mitosis again. Said he couldnt hand-over to the next Comm when these thorny issues not settled. Also mentioned that Leo has got to start coordinating the practices for Japan trip, and this issue is sort of getting in the way.

Grrrr.. i had to suppress my initial reactions - which was to simply ignore his sms. What the FXXX?? one day after the concert, and this guy's already asking me to cho-kang! But i have to say he is quite siow on also lah.. afterall, he could just as easily bo-chap and hand over whatever shit there is to the next poor chap taking over. But he didnt.. and that sense of responsibility has to be applauded, I gotta give him that. That is something our MD appears to be lacking in, in more than one way...

So, grudgingly, i complied with his request, and proceeded to type out a long email, sent out to all those old birds playing in the small ensemble, calling for a meeting to trash things out.

Now let's see if we can get a substantial group of people interested... Afterall, if we don't get at least that 12-15 senior players committed to play on together, there's absolutely NO POINT doing any of this. But if we DO have this group of mutants who want to make it happen, then i say:

Let the party begin! REFORMASI !!