Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Getting sentimental...

haha.. never thought i would be writing on a topic so er... "mushy". :P
Maybe becos 人老了,感情也比较泛澜?

Anyway, i was just thinking.. having watched so many movies (for those who dun already know this, i am a self-professed movie junkie. yay! ), which are some of the movies that made me cry?
I can remember some of those, like Braveheart, Schindler's List, and more recently, the Korean war film - Brotherhood (taeguchi or something like that).

The thing in common in all these films - while they all depict war scenarios and human misery, they also highlight qualities like LOVE and the indormitable HUMAN SPIRIT.

Take Braveheart for instance... i can vividly remember the scene where Willaim Wallace (Mel Gibson's character) dropped to his knees and then sat down on the grassland when he found out he was betrayed by Robert de Bruce, the so-called heir/king of Scotland. The haunted look on his face, the total look of hopelessness, as well as anguish, at the ultimate betrayal by his "friend" and lord, stripped him totally of any HOPE to go on. I was so moved by that scene that tears flowed uncontrollably, hard as i tried to control my emotions.

More recently, while watching Brotherhood on DVD at home, i had to really suppress the urge as tears threatened to swell up in my eyes... Admittedly, it was easier to control my emotions this time, as i was not in a dark cinema, and my wife was watching the DVD at home with me. It would have been so "un-cool" to cry over a film in front of a woman, ya? (call me chauvinistic, but i'm still stuck with that stereotyped outlook :P )
But as Won bin's character narrated on how his brother (played by one of my fav korean actors - Jang Dong Gun) would kill anyone/anything just to protect his loved ones, and when you see how he finally sacrificed his own life to preserve the life of his brother... That scene, coupled with the hauntingly solemn and melancholic soundtrack in the background, it was really moving (to put it mildly)...


Come to think of it... i am usually not easily moved by a man-woman love flick. (Which probably explains why i totally give those korean tear-jerkers TV series a miss... ) Most of the time, the love story is narrowly focused on this one couple, and many a times, it makes my blood boil (with frustration) rather than feel any sort of sadness for them, when the so-called "tragedy" results from either a misunderstanding, or a series of misfortune that somehow prevents the couple from being together... (eee.. mushy..). Either the plot becomes really hopeless and cliched, or the actors themselves fail miserably in bringing across the supposed tragic and pain of losing out on finding that one true love...

If i have to name one romantic tragedy that made me feel like crying though, then it must be <新不了情>。 我记得最后那一幕, 当男主角〖刘青云】买到了女主角〖袁咏仪】爱吃的食物, 而赶回到了医院的时候,才顿时发现。。。那一幕真的令我印象非常深刻。
Of course, the beautiful tune sang by 万芳also helped create the moment, one which was truly heart-breaking.

What movies have you watched (in the past and recently) that really touched you, and made you feel for the character in the film? :)


Anonymous hansen said...

Yes, I like Xin Bu liao Qing too, so much I actually bought an original VCD of it.

Can find the DVD?

The other movie is Dead Poet's Society. More of inspirational thingy, as although somebody died but that's not the most tear inducing part....it's when the guys simply just stand on the table... yes, that simple.

9:37 PM  
Blogger kallaboo said...

i always cry when somebody dies. william wallace torture scene, i cry. the guy in dead poets society commit suicide, i cry. the father lion die in lion king, i also cry. im very good at crying.

7:55 PM  
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