Monday, July 10, 2006


Am really feeling bushed recently... kinda of feeling in a constant state of fatigue and sleepiness. Not sure if this is a 后遗怔of the FIFA world cup, or some other reason.. Well, it could be my body trying to get re-accustomed to the rigors of doing a full-time 9-6 job, as compared to the flexible timing work which i have become rather used to for the last 4-5 years.

In fact, sometimes i think i can taking on 3-4 jobs at one time! Besides the 9-6pm work, i still attempt to service and keep up with my existing clients, as much as possible. Keeping the FA license also means i have to attend a certain number of training hours each year, and to fulfil the minimal production statistics set by the company. Frankly, i'm not sure how long i can keep it up, but i've also been honest with myself, and my clients - when the day comes that i cannot fulfil my duties as a competent and able Financial Advisor, i'll inform you.

Then there's the guitar instructor/conductor work i do at NUS and SMU. Even though these are only once a week (each), sometimes i need to prepare for workshop(s) and classes and that can be rather time consuming.

Not that i dont enjoy teaching guitar at these places, i do. It's just that when all things add up, it drains me badly.

Or maybe its simply a case of 人老了,所以不重用了...

But i have to persevere! I believe that once i get into a routine, along with more confidence in my trainer job, things will get better. I want to look forward to taking a long holiday near year end this year, maybe end Sept/early Oct. Go somewhere really nice with ping, and just relax totally, without thinking about work at all. To be honest, the last couple of years, whenever i travel, i am still bogged down by my work (and feeling stressed becos of monthly production figures... ), and hence cannot really enjoy a good holiday. Hopefully this year, it will be different.