Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Read an article on 我报 yesterday. It was an article lifted from a blog - about this father (of a young boy, not sure exactly how old he is but from the picture he looked no more than 2 years old) "talking" to his boy, telling him not to be sad whether he and mummy leaves him for (at least) a month to go overseas.

Basically, it seems the boy's mum is going overseas for further studies, and the writer took a month's leave from work to follow her there to help her settle in the new place.

Thus, they left the young boy in the care of his grand-parents. The dad goes on to comfort his boy, telling him not to be scare, and not to cry when he misses his parents. He ended the article remarking how ironic it is for him to "reassure" his boy, when he himself is fighting back tears welling up in his eyes, even as he types this blog entry in the airport (probably waiting to board the flight).

As I read the article, I cant help but think of my little 凯凯. A barage of emotions rushed over me at that moment ( I was sitting in the bus, going back to my in-law's place to pick up my boy ), and suddenly I felt like crying too :P

If ever I have to leave my boy for any extended period of time (I cant even imagine leaving him for more than a day or two now...), I'm not sure how I can take it too.

gosh.. parenthood definitely changes a person.

I recall several years back, when I had this conversation with an old buddy - GT. Back then, I was newly married, and he just had his first kid. I remember well, how emotional he was at that time, relating stories of his fatherhood experience to me. He was so full of "fatherly-love" for his then-newborn daughter, and he even advised me to 'join the club' (read: go forth and reproduce) so as to experience the joy!

Hahha.. I really had a good laugh then. Not because I find the idea funny, but more because that was SO unlike him! (btw, he used to be a rather pointed and cynical fella, back in the school days of old..)

Now, several years down the road: I can finally say that I understand what he was feeling then. And I certainly agree with him.

Looking into those small bright eyes of my little one, I can very honestly say that nothing comes close to a parent's love for his/her child.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Wednesday, September 03, 2008


In life, there are many instances where one has to CHOOSE which path to take. Each decision - no matter how seemingly small (or important) that is made may ultiamtely determine the outcome and destiny of one's life, though sometimes in ways which one could never have imagined at that moment of choice.

Sounds cheem... :P Not really.

Choices are made everyday. In fact, looking at it from a "free will" point of view, choices are made every instance of our lives. We can DECIDE what we want to do with out bodies (or minds) from one moment to the next. For instance, I decided to flex my finger muscles and brain tissues at this very precise moment, to type this entry in my blog. That is a CHOICE i've made.

Small and minute, seemingly inconsequential decisions like this one don't seem to have any big impact on my life, you'd think? But wait....

IF, at this VERY moment, this blog site is inflicted by a deadly virus, which attacks my computer and fries my hard-disk, causing me to lose all my work files and emails. This could have serious implications on my job! If I then lose my job and my source of income, things could very quickly deteriorate in my life, ya?

Of course, such occurences are extrememly rare and unlikely, possibly belonging more to the realms of Hollywood movies (like "THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT" - incidentally, i think that is a great show! ).

Still, sometimes I can't help but think that I may be on the verge of a major crossroad in my life now. There are some changes in my life for certain - the impending move for one - and possibly too many issues to tackle causing a certain amount of anxiety and sense of uncertainty.

Only time will tell, I guess.