Friday, April 09, 2010

9th April - some thoughts

EP made a remark while surfing the internet last night, "You havent updated your blog in a while hor..."

That's right. I have been quite busy recently, and as we all know, when you're busy, time flies by without so much as a whisk. Before you know it, a week's passed. Then a month.

Now, that is not necessarily a bad thing. It means there's a lot happening in your life, so it won't be dull. It also could mean that there are some major changes to adapt to in your life, and it's taking a lot more of your time and attention away from the little stuff you used to do.

Personally, work-wise things have been slowly 'heating' up, as I prepare to take on more duties andresponsibilities from a colleague who is into her 36th week of pregnancy. YF, who's going to be a first-time mother seem to be doing quite well - in terms of handling all the usual inconveniences and discomforts which comes with pregnancy - and I'm very happy for her. I told her it is going to be "life-changing", as it certainly was for me.
It's been more than 2 years since JK came into my (and EP's) life, and he still makes me feel excited and gush when he flashes that infectious smile at his papa.

So I kept telling EP, "I cant imagine how we could've lived our lives if we didn't have him". To which she philosophically replied, "We wouldnt know what we'd be missing if we didnt have him..."

True. As a quote from an anonymous source, says, "A baby fills a place in your heart that you never knew was empty."

p.s. Happy birthday - to me! =)