Tuesday, August 01, 2006

As time goes by.. again

You know how people always say that time flies when you are enjoying yourself, and slows down to a drag when you are suffering?

Well, most of the time, i'd agree whole heartedly with the above statement. Except now, i think time REALLY flies (even faster) when you are going through a mundane stage of your life, where there's nothing really exciting happening, or everyday has become just another almost carbon-copy like replica of the previous day, or the same day of the previous week, etc.. you know what i mean.

I'm not sure if it's a real good illusion (by whoever "up" there), or because of our limited cerebrum capacity, but don't you just find that as we grow older, the concept of time (read: the passing of days , weeks, months, years..) seem to become more and more unclear - meaning, you wouldnt notice the passage of time, until one day, you'd suddenly sit up and declare :

"Shit! It's already been XXXX since I've YYYY ! "


XXXX and YYYY - may be substituted by any of the following :
1) "3 hours" - "stepped into office". This is typically followed by a sensation of dread, when you realise that you havent really done any real work since coming to work in the morning.

2) "3 days" - "last played guitar". Somtimes, days just whizzed by and i suddenly realised i havent touched my Kohno, and my fingers are starting to feel a little stiff and non-responsive (especially to those bloody barred chords you've to do when playing the Preludium by Bach)

3) "1 week" - "met up with my parents". I feel bad sometimes, when i have to call my parents to tell them i wont be able to meet them for dinner (weekdays), or even a simple lunch (weekends). Sometimes, there's really something going on, but other times, its really an issue of laziness. Just need sometime to rest and be alone, maybe...

4) "4 months" - "started this job". I still feel the side-effects of having to stick to a formal routine of working fixed hours in an office. This unfamiliar feeling is the result of 4.5 years of tai tai-like lifestyle of waking up in the morning, read papers till 10 plus, then meet a fren for lunch, followed by a movie/dvd session in the afternoon, and then some semblance of "work" in the evening. Yeah, i'm talking about the life of an idle, yet stress-filed (ironical isnt it?) life insurance practitioner.

5) "almost 4 years" - "been married". hmm.. coming up to 4 years since kuja and i stepped into the ROM... hey! i'm not insinuating anything here ok? Married life is great! (yeah, i know she reads this blog.. albeit occasionally )

6) "more than 8 years" - "graduated and starting this shitty working life". It scares me to think that those long years of studying (16 years, if i discount the kindergarten years), is gonna be dwarfed by the what... 30 years? of slogging in offices, just waiting for payday every month, so that you can pay off the bills and loans.. oh man...

7) "more than 15 years" - "known these crazy guys, like wolf, tpk, pete..". Man, talk about getting old man.. when we met, we were all crazy young teens talking about computer games, cute girls, horror movies and... not much else. Now? We meet to talk about PS/Xbox games, chio bu's, and banned horror movies. Err? sounds like we didnt 'evolve' much hor?

The list can go on and on..

The thing is, I just feel that my brain is retaining less and less information, and i'm actually remembering less and less things. Strangely, i can actually remember some small silly details of stupid things i did, or simply thought about, when i was still a kid. But nowadays, things and events seem to just fly pass, and not leaving as much as a faint footprint. Can't remember much of any details.

Maybe that's why time seem to be moving on a 'accelerated' pace when you're older. Your brain simply doesnt have to capacity to store all these data, which is coming in at light speed, compared to the times during our childhood (or younger days), where things move at a much slower pace, and the brain can store more details.


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