Thursday, June 01, 2006

Flu and (performance in) the City

Fell sick yesterday, so stayed at home to recuperate... i hate cold/flu, it just makes you feel like shit, and with the constant sneezing and coughing, you seriously cant do anything constructive at all. Plus the flu medication - it's got to be the BEST insomnia cure, man. Took 2 of those after meal, and immediately knocked out for hours.

Back to work today, though still feeling like i'm sleep-walking a bit. Light-headed and generally dulled senses. Really hate cold/flu (oh..did i say that already?)

One piece of good news though :)

Eugene (from NLB) replied my email. It seems like Guitaresque has just secured a performing slot in library@Esplanade, sometime in September this year! Yay!!!

Now it's up to us to prepare and rehearse a suitable repertoire for about 45 min of performance. In fact, the group has already gotten down to doing that last week. We should be able to put up something credible by then. Some of the pieces we may play: Excerpts from Carmen Suite, pieces composed by Andrew York (Pacific Coast highway, Along the Edge, Dredlock), Albeniz pieces (Granada, Cap Catalan), a Telemann concerto, and possibly Fragile and the Oldies medley.

Really look forward to the performance in September!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It seems that the guitar thingie work wonders for your flu rather than medicine!


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