Monday, May 29, 2006

Where do we go from here?

It is interesting how different people view the same thing from different perspective...

And also just as interesting, is how time can change a person's views and opinion about the same object/subject matter.

As stated in my titled-frame, i'm feeling a little "lost" recently, when it comes to the various issues concerning Genus, Expose, Masak. How so? Let's see:

GENUS - undergoing 'surgery' at the moment. Just lost a conductor, and now desparately searching for a better replacement. I guess many people are also feeling uneasy during this time, not knowing who is going to step into those big shoes, and will things turn out same, better or worse than in Dom's time.

The japan trip is also another headache (at least as far as Genus practices is concerned). Firstly, it comes at a time when we're without a conductor. Ok, now at least there's Raj holding the reins, but there're still people who arent coming for the japan practices (esp. the weekday ones, i've heard) for whatever reason. So those who do attend feel bek-chek...
The Japan trip also effectively divided the Genus into the "going" and the "not-going", and to those not-going's, it's extremely difficult to garner any support (in the form of attendance) or enthusiasm when they want to officially kick-start Genus new semester practices.

EXPOSE - this "cancerous" cell is also heading towards an unknown future. On one hand, the group initiator Owls continues to declare that it is only just another Genus small group. That being the case, the group will only get to perform that 1 to 2 songs in the Genus annual concert. While he may be perfectly happy about this, I for one (and i know there're others who think like me too) will not be too satisfied about this outcome.
If it's just another small group that's putting up 1 to 2 songs in next year's concert, then why do we need to practice week after week? Is it to accomodate and to wait for those weaker players, who cant really play the scores? There's even been talk about inducting more members into this group... which in my opinion, would simply accelerate the transformation of the group into another Genus (ok.. maybe "Genus PO". Ironic isnt it? )

I just cannot help but feel that the meeting we had that fateful Saturday morning (to talk about Dom, and about the future of Expose) was a "turning point". I remember Barber and i having the long chat the night before. The 2 of us were really "fired up" then. We talked about future plans and prospects, about forming an ex-co, about marketing ideas, responsibilities...
*Remember that time, Barber? :) *

Well, as it turned out, all that became unnecessary, since the group subsequently decided to take the easy way out. Yep... remain as a small group in Genus, and things would remain simple. No ex-co needed, no meetings, no responsibilities, no auditions, if conductor not happy, just don't play lor... But alas! That also means no strong group identity (and the related sense of belonging and pride of playing in a really SOLID mini-ensemble) and limited performing opportunities...

Of course, detractors would say, "aiyah.. sure cannot one lah.. in the first place, we don't even know if CFA would have allowed this. " True. Now we'll NEVER know :P

MASAK - i can only say i feel more than a little sad that Masak has taken the role of the "fall guy" in these turbulent times. In the sense that, while Genus goes through a challenging time, and with the japan trip and the EXPOSE practices all fighting for precious time and resources from the participants, the resulting stress has led to Masak having almost no time to meet up and to practice now. And unless things change significantly, little incentive and less and less urge to do so in the future as well.

Frankly, i do not put the 'blame' on anyone (not that there's any 'blame' to begin with in the 1st place). The issue remains that same as it's alway been - that the group NEEDS that someone to step up and take the lead. While I agree (in part) with Owls that having new group repertoire is important, i feel that even more importantly, we are LACKING someone who's willing to step up and say " Masak practice this week - day-time-".

*How would i know? I know becos for 2 weeks, i didnt bother to send out any reminders/sms to my group members in Guitaresque. So very naturally, we simply didnt have practice for 2 weeks! Nobodybothered to ask "how come". And why should they? :) It was simply assumed that since the usual "task-master" didnt send out the "call", it was 'day off'! :P

I guess the people who were the more likely candidates to do this for Masak are currently too tied up with Genus & Expose issues mentioned above.... and who can 'blame' them? Having Japan practices and Expose practices together on a day is already taking up so much time and energy.. how to accomodate time for Masak right?

So where do we go from here?

Only time will tell...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe it's time to take stock of what's impt and relevant to the peez.

Perhaps also aggravated by too much of the same thing as the mentioned groups have overlapping members, "killing" the interest somewat.

In my case, time management and family responsibility is increasingly becoming a significant factor in my activities (in the light of my father-in-law passing). Used to feel that once-a-week-meet-parents dinner suffice, now nid more time with Sus, nid more time with both families. Some stuff has to be sacrificed, and I'm fast approaching to the longer the care-free live of single-hood.


11:20 AM  
Blogger Hiong Gai Gai said...

yeah.. talk about multi-tasking.. For me, taking on 3 different jobs at the same time is pretty siong. I'm already neglecting a big aspect of one, and may be forced to give it up eventually...

We all have to prioritise, i guess. But i do intend to further my involvement in the guitar groups, as it does serve as an avenue to de-stress from work... That said, maybe its time for me to rethink which activities i want to involved in - given that some of them are more/less enjoyable and rewarding than others.

1:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

a thot just occurs to me.

Maybe EXPOSE lost our way/objective after the DeMOn was banished?!!

where is LOTR part4?!!


2:37 PM  
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