Monday, June 05, 2006

Baby n the stroller

I didn’t know that a baby stroller could cost over a thousand dollars! Seriously.. for something as simple look as that, made of only plastic and and fabric, I am astounded by the large variance in prices.
Well, to be sure, it most probably can be attributed to branding – seeing how a small little Louis Vuitton handbag can cost a handsome 4 figure sum as well.

Oh, to clarify matters, I don’t have a baby. Yet.

The stroller we’re hunting for is meant for my brother’s little gal – Yuan, who’s 2 month’s old now.

We visited her last weekend, but unfortunately, she was having one of those ‘untouchable’ sleep routine, which meant that no matter how the people (evil, evil adults..) tried to harass her into opening her eyes, she simply stuck to her task, and focused on sleeping. But even in her sleep, you could detect a twinge of smile across her little mouth (which, incidentally, is usually in the wide-open position :O ) sometimes.

Congrats, bro!
What a lovely little baby.

Now for the not-so-lovely BIG bills coming your way …