Sunday, August 13, 2006

A Furiosa

I think Paulo Bellinati wrote an excellent original guitar quartet composition in A Furiosa. The first time I heard it was when I listened to the LAGQ's world music album (simple titled "LAGQ"). At that time, it didnt really strike me as anything more than a rather lively and pacy tune, which sounded very complicated and difficult as well.

Since the quartet received the score some time back - in 2004, we've attempted this piece on several occasions. They all ended in similar fashions - we gave up. We confirmed one thing: the piece IS really very complicated and difficult.
I guess after a few attempts, we just felt that we were not up to scratch and that we could not play the piece well enough to feel any satisfaction from it.

A sidenote: flashback to 3-4 years back, when the Canoners famously performed this song to a bemused and amused Genus audience. Personally, i have to give it to Chin Yuen and his gang of stylo-milo guitar afficianados (they were - Alex, Ling Chiat and Hansen) for even daring to attempt the song. They must have been very gung-ho, or very... *ahem* Anyway, it was a relaxed and informal occasion, so there was no harm in doing some of their trademarked inexplicably "timeless" adlib runs, I suppose. haha!

Fast forward to the present - Aug 2006.

Guitaresque today has also gone through a little 'makeover'. We've our new signing from the former Canoners - Alex, to fill up the void left by the lovely Habanera-Someday my Prince will come singer, Ms Karen Ann, who incidentally is traveling around the world with her fiance - Chin Yuen!

*yeah, Genus people and its alumni are a very closed and confused lot of individuals, and yes - we're very much like a Mediacorp mandarin serial, where every person in the story is somehow connected to every other person. *

Sigh.. sometimes i really do miss her lame jokes and 无厘头 crap. She's really a livewire and a talented writer.
She's also a very good guitarist.
By the way, you can visit her blog at

Back to A Furiosa...

When we took out the piece and attempted it again last week during our weekly Sunday practice, it sounded much more coherent and neat! Quite a couple of those fiendishly difficult runs didn't feel so impossible now. And Owls even managed to finally get his long-winding triplet descending scale (i always refered to that as his "lizard scale" - as it somehow reminds me of a lizard sliding down a slippery wall) on time!

I can forsee that with each week of practice and work, this piece can finally attain a level of competence which we had not and dared not dream of just 1 year back.

Haha! Looks like we've all increased a level ! Way to go!


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