Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Platonic relationships

* Can 2 persons of the opposite sex be so close in a relationship, that they can virtually talk and share everything with each other, and yet, are -NOT- lovers? *

This is probably one of those topics that people can debate till the end of time, and still will not come to any conclusion that is acceptable by all.

I know, the smart ones out there will quickly point out - Possible, why not? If one of them is a homosexual (or lesbian), sure they can develop purely platonic friendship.

Point taken. Bu let's leave the topic of homosexuality for another day, and focus on the majority of us, who are in fact, heterosexual (ahem.. or for some, even bisexual perhaps). And while we're at it, let's also leave out brother-sister relationship yeah?

You see, after watching episodes after episodes of the TV series - Smallville, you kind of get bombarded with the perenial theme of "Can/should we be lovers?" or "Should we keep things at status quo, and 'preserve' this valuable friendship". For those uninitiated ones, i'm talking about the Lovers-Friends dilemma faced by the series' 2 main characters - Clark Kent (aka Superman) and Lana Lang (his childhood neighbour/friend/dream lover).

These 2 characters are basically so tormented (throughout the series it seems. I'm now at Season 3, and they're still at it! Loius Lane, where are you??? ) by their constant change of heart and mind, that they end up torturing each other whenever they bump into the other person. And you know, in this kind of show, that basically means every other sequence in an episode, without exception!

* side comment: isn't it funny, TV shows' characters basically can bump into one another everywhere they go. It's like distance and time don't matter! And best of all, every character is showhow related/linked to every other character, so we can basically draw this nice looking spider-web relationship chart. Well, i guess that's sort of necessary for any show lah.. heh *

Anyway, back to reality.

It may seem a little frivolous (and sometimes even frustrating) when you watch such wishy-washy relationship development in TV shows, but it kinda got me thinking... Perhaps such dilemmas arent completely fictitious after all.

There can only be 2 views taken (or conclusions) from this debate:

1) Yes! A guy and a gal can become the closest bosom buddies (no pun intended), and yet have absolutely no sexual attraction (and hence tension) between them. Basically, a pure platonic relationship.

2) No! There' no way a guy and a gal can become so, so close, and yet no feel any inkling of liking for the other party, in the sexual department.

Of course, the degree of this "sexual attraction" can again, be arguable. But you see, once a party in the relationship starts feeling this... for lack of a better word.. "lust", it creates a new dimension to the relationship, and changes the entire equation completely.

After that, either the parties agree to become lovers, or they must eventually take a step back from their close relationship and become not-so-close friends...

No prizes for guessing where i stand on the issue. I firmly believe that between a man and a woman, there's this invisible boundary, which you shouldnt and cannot cross, unless you are ready to become lovers (and subsequently, husband and wife). Otherwise, good friends they may be, but not to the extent of being "best friends" or someone whom they can "share all" with.

Anyone disagrees? :)