Friday, August 04, 2006

Random musings..

Kuja is gone these couple of days, on a company trip to Batam. Think its something like a bonding trip for their HR department. Knowing her, she'll probably come back with lots of complaints and gossips. Haha..

I'm pretty much looking forward to the Bukit Timah walk with some of my colleagues tomorrow. Think Vincent, Sarah, Julia, and maybe Geraldine are going. Some of them are bringing their little ones along, so it's gonna be like a group family outing. heh. :P The good thing is - since there're young children around ,i'm sure the pace will be slow and comfortable, even for fat and unfit me! The next good thing is probably the delicious and hot roti prata waiting for us at the 24hr coffee shop across the road.

Incidentally, tomorrow is gonna be the first Genus practice with Robert as our new coach. While he's not a guitarist, i have lots of respect for his musical achievements, and i'm quite certain that he's input to the group with be very interesting and valuable. I just hope that the attendance for the practice will not be too disappointing. Imagine he had to step into the Altos' sectionals last week, to be greeted by a single Alto 1 player (the president herself, no less!) and 2 Alto 2 players (the VP, and the CM). Quite embarassing really...
Let's hope the Committee do their calling job before tomorrow's session, so that we'll have a decent turn out. Afterall, the new 1st years are about to join us, and we certainly don't want them to come to an 'ghost town'.


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