Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Self interest

I always enjoyed listening to a good sob story. And friends who know me should know I also like to hear about those 错宗复杂的男女关系. The more chaotic, the more drama, the better. Hahaha!

Here's a story I heard about.


Guy and gal have been dating for some time (in this case, say 4 years). Relationship has developed to the point of them having thoughts about marriage.

Ok. Change that to her having thoughts about marriage.

The guy, on the other hand, had second thoughts about the relationship, and eventually suggested a breakup. No convincing reason(s) given, except that he is "not sure" about their relationship anymore...

She is devastated and sad, of course. The "interesting" thing is that, throughout this breakup period, the guy would call her regularly (sometimes even from overseas), to ask how she is doing, and to drop 'hints' that he is not sure if he "did the right thing" (ie. initiating the breakup). Yet, not once did he offer to reconcile their relationship. In fact, the guy even revealed to the poor gal that he is going out with this other female friend, but he's still not sure, blah, blah, blah..
Throughout all these times, the gal actually (bothered to) listened patiently to him.

Fast forward several months.

The gal manages to get over the lost relationship, amidst lots of support and help from friends and colleagues. She starts to meet other guys in social events, and eventually finds this 'special' one. She is back in the dating game. :)

But then, here's the best part: the ex-BF, who's just came back to town from another business trip, calls her up (yet again), and upon finding out that she is starting to see someone, says to her this:

I thought we agreed to talk about our relationship when I get back?

********* End of Chapter **************

When i heard this story from Kuja, who obviously had her own strong, colourful opinions of the guy (ie. the ex-BF), i was rather amused.

Yeah sure, the guys sounds like a jerk who wants his cake and eat it, at the same time.

But then again, which guy wouldn't, IF they knew that they could get away with it? I think most guys are "potential" jerks, who wouldn't mind having a 后备轮胎, in case their 'forays' into greener pastures don't turn out as well as they've hoped or expected.


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