Tuesday, September 12, 2006

What is your life passion?

For many people, the reaction to such a question will be a stunned look. Or a bemused one. Invariably followed by, " Err.. not sure (leh) " if the person was local.

Actually, if we don't think too deeply, and just take it as a simple question of "is there something which you would like to be doing all your life", the answer may come a little easier.

Well... maybe not by much - going by the kind of responses i seem to be getting from some people whom i have talked to.

I guess, in today's hectic working environment, we all really have very little time to sit down and ponder about what we want. What we really enjoy doing, and what could be a life long hobby or passion.

Many of us lead pretty mundane lives - especially in a fast-paced, and materialistic society like Singapore - going after material wants almost every hour of every day of each week of every month of every year..... *you get the idea* :P And it's NOT OUR FAULT!!! Unless you can somehow tear yourself away from the societal pressures and heaps of expectations unleashed upon you by your fellow beings (includes all your family members ,friends, colleagues, etc..), you inevitably have to conform.

Get a decent job that pays you decent salary. Get married and buy a home to stay in. Get a car if you need to transport your family, especially with kids (if you can afford it!) . Fulfilling your roles as a son, a husband, a father, a friend, a colleague, etc. often mean conforming to expectations of others too. So who can blame us for living mundane, and sometimes even robotic lives?

And so, in the midst of our evergoing pursuit of better jobs and better pay to fulfil our roles as described above, who then has time to think about "life passion/interest"???

Which is why i am so, so glad to be able to say that i have found ONE such interest. I know i want to play guitar for the rest of my mundane life. It -is- something which i cannot forsee myself giving up, ever. Barring extreme circumstances (e.g war, disability/illness) which prevents me from playing, i seriously doubt i will stop playing my beloved instrument.

And i have a role model too - someone who is still as passionate about the classical guitar, even though he is past 80 years old. Kuja is probably right when she commented that "take the passion away from the man, you take away his will to push on, and even possibly his will to continue living.. "

I wish i can still be able to play the guitar at such a ripe old age (if i live till then, that is :P ).

And i hope my friends can be there to play guitar with me too.
(hmm.. wonder how good we can become if we continue to play together for another 20-30 years! )


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