Thursday, August 17, 2006

Boys - Men - Husbands - Fathers

Went to Rachel's birthday celebration at Aranda club (Downtown East) last Saturday. To be frank, it is my first time going to Downtown East (yes, rather 山龟, i know). But then, for someone staying in the west area, to go all the way to Pasir Ris, there's just too much inertia sometimes... Unless there's a good reason to. You know.. our so-called themeparks here in Singapore are not exactly what you'd normally see in other countries' touristy areas.

Anyway, Wolf, as always, was the 'bo-chap' dad, and it was pretty obvious that HL was the busier of the two parents, rushing to buy not one, but two birthday cakes for Rachel. They said one (the ice-cream cake) was to pacify the kids, as it was 好看不好吃; while the other (chocolate flavored) cake was for the adults. Well, i settled for the ice-cream cake. And seriously, it didnt taste too bad what! heh.

Tpk came with Cheryl and baby Megan, who was sound asleep throughout the entire cake-eating session, despite the incredible level of ambient noise. Later, when we went to the nearby hawker centre for dinner, she barely noticed. Initially i thought it must be a wonderful baby pram they bought for her, super comfortable! But Tpk informed me that when Megan goes to sleep, very little seem to affect her. He gleefully revealed that he even went as far as to 'experiment' what could, in fact, wake Megan up - slap on the face, and spraying cold water! Cheryl threw him a disgusted and disapproving look all these while. Haha.. what a crazy dad (and a medical doctor, no less).

It was a pity Pete couldn't make it there that night, as he was busy basking in moonlight and fireworks with his fiancee, Liz. Can't blame that guy... this is probably an important 'honeymoon' period before the couple makes the big leap coming Jan next year.

Sigh.. but i kind of miss those days where a group of us old buddies can just huddle at someone's place and chiong DVD movies through the night, and talk cock till we fall asleep... Now, as most of us are either married or getting married, and some wiith young children and babies in tow, it's definitely so much more difficult to get together for any meaningful actitvity as a group. Tpk actually suggested over dinner that night, that we can go to Bangkok, just the group of us guys, and celebrate Pete's impending lost of bachelorhood! Hah! How incredibly fun that would be.

How incredibly unlikely it is too.


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