Friday, August 25, 2006

Welcome with open arms?

Our dear gahmen (now its official. they've actually used this term to call themselves the "gahmen bloggers" ) has recently gone on a fierce campaign of sorts, to try to convince S'pore citizens that we should all welcome foreign talents with open arms.

We must make them feel at home, so that they will want to make this place their home, and hopefully, they will stay and hopefully apply for the 'coveted' pink IC, and hopefully they will have babies, and hopefully, those male babies will grow up to serve NS..etc.

Frankly speaking, i don't really give a heck about these 'high-level' gahmen policies.. since i'm only an insignificant local non-talent, amongst millions of other like me. :P That's because to date, my life has probably not been affected too much by these foreigners.

Well, maybe that's not true.

Maybe the reason why i didnt get that great job offer is because a candidate from China or India, came for the same job interview, with similar credentials and experience, but... *drumroll* asked for half my salary expectataion!
Darn! how do you compete with somebody who's willing to do your job at half pay??? And if the tables were turned, and I'm the EMPLOYER, i too would readily employ the 'foreign talent'. Reasons:

1) i can now employ TWO workers for the same amount of outlay
2) This employee(s) doesnt need to spend a few weeks every year, going MIA for work, simply because he cant afford to MIA for MINDEF.
3) Or, if the employee is a female, I don't have to worry about paying her a THREE month maternity paid-leave
4) Hey, can i save on his/her CPF too?

Ok.. this is just laymen like me thinking...

Perhaps the truth is not so plain and simple. There could be layers of restrictions and red-tape and what-have-yous, to prevent the companies from hiring all foreigners. But hey, i sure don't know what they are!

And if an educated, graduate and (i would like to think) intelligent CITIZEN like me doesnt know, i can bet many other S'poreans wouldnt be any better off either. To most, i am sure the concerns and considerations are similar to mine own:

As long as these folks (foreigners) don't impact me too greatly in my personal life and space, i willingly to TRY to be a gracious 'host' here. But if i feel that they are threatening my rice-bowl, or enjoying what i am enjoying WITHOUT paying their dues (ie. National Service), then i WILL certainly make a fuss out of it.

Not that it would matter, since the gahmen has never been known to listen anyway ya? Just see what happened the all these increases in tranports costs, and the casino, and you get an idea. Yes - let's hear your concerns, ideas, thoughts.. but end of the day, it OUR (ie. gahmen) decision, and we do what we like.

Hey, afterall, no foreign talents (no matter HOW entrepreneurial or creative) are gonna take over the ministers' job ya?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey, they do listen. through various means. dont believe? want try to go some activities with me and i can show u that they do listen =p

i'm neither pro or against. chances are high that i will react the same way as you if things happen. haha


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