Monday, October 02, 2006

The Suitcase man (my take)

hAha.. i really loved Owl's blog entry's title "The Suitcase man". So much so that i've decided to use the same title, to give my take on this issue.

Actually, similar to Owls, i have no reason to discriminate against the suitcase man. He has not done anything "bad" or treacherous against me. In fact, having worked together with him some 2 years ago on the MOE project, i personally feel that when it comes down to ideas and teaching pedagogy, he can be rather resourceful.

But there's something seriously wrong with his behavior, which makes me think twice about calling him a friend. OG probably nailed it when he used the word "sneaky" to describe his behavior. Why sneaky? well, for starters - there's always an AGENDA when the suitcase man appears, and its something that he wont tell you. For instance, he may call and says he just wants to visit (whether at home or at campus), but actually he needs something from you or from the place he dropping by.
This has happened time and again, and now whenever he appears, you know he WANTS something.

DAmn! why cant you just come out straight and say what's in your mind??!

The other thing, albeit a minor point (in my opinion) is that he seems too goal oriented, so much so that there's hardly anything else you can talk to him about, without coming back to the same old topic (not that i dislike talking about it, since that also happens to be my passion in life! ), and which eventually leads to some "angled pitch" at SOMETHING...

Maybe Owls is right - Suitcase man is simply afraid of rejection, of losing. So he has to hide his true intentions, just in case he shows his hand, and loses out in the game.

Frankly i don't enjoy being in the company of "sneaky" personalities. And apparently (from the various opinions and vibes you get from other FOGs), this is a common sentiment shared by many others.

Well, if it comes down to me having to work with him again, i guess i'll just have to try to avoid getting personal about it, and just simply ACT BLUR when he tries his "sneaky" tactics again.

As long as he doesnt step on my toes... Grrrrrrrrrr...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hahaha...suitcase man? Is this who I think it is? :p


3:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ya i think the "suitcase man" title was very apt!!! Almost matrix-like name ^^

Btw, dun worry SH of him stepping on your toes, probably u r of no value yet, coz he nvr come yr house :P


8:02 AM  
Blogger Hiong Gai Gai said...

If u can guess the identity of the Suitcase man, then you must be right.

There can be ONLY ONE...

5:14 PM  

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