Friday, September 22, 2006

The small ensemble - Esplanade performance

The Genus performing ensemble put up 2 nights of 2x30 minutes show at the Esplanade concourse on 20 and 21st September.

I took part on the first night, playing about 10 songs in total, including Malaguena, which Owls "arrowed" me to play the Prime solo part.

The experience wasn't too bad. We played to a considerable crowd, who'd gathered around the concourse area at 730pm and 830pm respectively. There were also some familiar faces amongst the crowd, as some Genus alumni members dropped by to lend their support. (I spotted Peiting, Janice, Lui Kiang amongst our alumni players)

The miking wasn't too ideal, as the sound from our combined effort came across as 'thin', and without the 'punch' - a comment made by Robert, who was amongst the audience in the first half performance. Only the soloist mics seemed reasonable good.

Anyway, maybe it isnt really fair to compare this performance with the 15 minute performance we put up in the Guitarist Network event, but i still cant help having the feeling that it was a much tighter group back then. The music may have been different, the length of performance (hence the level of difficulty) may have been different; but playing alongside with this "new look" ensemble doesn't inspire the same kind of confidence as before.

The players makeup does make a big difference. The level of preparedness also is a huge factor. (i personally would have preferred not to perform at all, if it were not for the fact that i promised Owls to play. Frankly, i have missed too many rehearsals, so much so that i was sight-reading some scores during performance!)

Hmm... looks like it's time i re-evaluate my priorities again.

To play, or not to play in this small group. That is my question.


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